3-6-23 Monday

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Daisy’s all “LADY! You got breakfast?!”

Showing off the belly (which is a trap, sometimes. And sometimes not!)

Such a pretty little poser.

Lincoln in his safe space, admiring himself.

He’s all “You got feathers, lady?”

Chilling in his hammock.

Lilly in the foster room, playing with the basket.

And in the bathroom, keeping an eye on what I’m doing (scooping her litter box.)

She’s turning out to be quite the little nut.

Lilly spent a good amount of time in the foster room with Daisy over the weekend, but I’m not ready to have her in there full time. I’m mostly waffling about whether I want to have her in there full-time at all. Daisy mostly ignores her, but there have been some slaps and hisses (from both sides), and I’m not sure I want to have Lilly (and eventually Lincoln) racing around in there when Daisy will have newborns to protect.

Lilly has come a long way since we split her up with Lincoln. I can’t always walk over to her and lean down and pet her, but if she’s sleepy I can. She’ll also rub against me when I walk into the room where she is. I can pick her up and carry her, pet her – like Fred said “She’s almost like a normal kitten now.”

Lincoln is, well, he’s taking his time. To get him to come to me, I have to lure him, still, with the feather teaser or with food. Sometimes he sees my hand coming toward him and stays where he is so I can pet him, and sometimes he skitters away. At 4:00 Sunday morning, he came to the door and meowed softly a few times. This is big, because it’s something he hasn’t done before, and he wanted breakfast enough to make his feelings known. (I regret to inform you that I did not get up and feed him. I rolled over and went back to sleep.)

If we could get him to the point where we were comfortable reuniting him with Lilly, we could at least put the two of them in the foster room and move Daisy into my office. A mother and newborn kittens don’t need much space, and they could occupy my office until the kittens were 3 – 4 weeks old at least, and hopefully by that point Lincoln and Lilly would be ready to move along.

It’s all conjecture at this point, anyway. We’ll just take it as it goes, and adjust our plans accordingly.


The concrete was warm from the sun, and Khal was soaking in the heat.


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Daisy would like her breakfast, please. Oh, her sweet little voice KILLS MEEEE.

Lilly’s got your Heart.

Daisy’s keepin’ the belly cool.

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Luring Lincoln closer with feathers. There are two things that boy loves: feathers and food.

Good night innernets. (Lincoln)

Banana for scale. (Posting will be light today; I am reformatting my computer.)

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Lincoln has a purrrrr.

Good night innernets. (Lilly)

Lincoln’s all “Pardon me, ma’am, is it time for breakfast perhaps?” Turns out? It is!

Lilly’s chilling in (one of) her favorite spot(s).

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Here comes Daisy, looking for some attention, some scritching, and possible some treats (she got all three!)

Have I mentioned that Lincoln loves himself a feather teaser?

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I love watching Daisy’s belly sway back and forth as she follows me.

Good night innernets. (Lilly)


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3-6-23 Monday — 4 Comments

  1. “I regret to inform you that I did not get up and feed him. I rolled over and went back to sleep.” HAHAHA!!! Well, indeed. A soft little meow, though — awww, that reluctant little Lincoln.

    As for Daisy – love her! Her half stache, belly sway, and fancy tux pattern; there’s a lot to love there.

  2. Lincoln sure does has a purrrrr! <3 Does Lily has a purrrr too? Inquiring Chanters want to know. XD

    Awww, Daisy's creaky meow! It sounds like she's purr-meowing every time.

    Yaaaaay for Lily! Now if Lincoln can follow her lead…

  3. Love the belly sway on Ms. Daisy, kind of like my belly sway lol! She is simply gorgeous, can’t wait to see what her babies look like. As far as rolling over and going back to sleep, I laughed out loud..I’ve had my Riley cat since early September and I have to admit, she has me well trained. Even if I get up to go potty at 3 a.m. and I tip toe so she won’t hear me, she does hear me and comes running and starts begging. I tell her “no, you have food in your bowl,” but she apparently doesn’t want it. So, I then stumble back to bed, hide under the covers and she ultimately gives up. (for an hour or so)

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