3-3-21 Wednesday

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In this sweet picture, you can see the difference in the three brown tabbies. Pinochle (far left) has a brown tabby “strap” across his back. Whist, under Canasta’s leg, has a couple of brown tabby splotches (that I call her angel wings), and Fizzbin (under Canasta’s chin) is a darker brown (on her back she doesn’t have that caramel-brown tone) and her entire back is brown tabby.

Rummy, Pinochle and Fizzbin.

Pinochle again, with Whist in the background.

When Canasta sits and gazes down at her babies, I just die. SO SWEET.

Sometimes I can’t help it, I’ve gotta pick one up, in this case Whist. Canasta keeps a watchful eye on me when I’m handling her babies, but doesn’t get too bent out of shape.

Canasta was eating and I wanted to shake the litter off the pad in the bottom of the crate.

So I quickly piled the kittens in the Cuties box, shook out the pad, and put it back.

By the time I was done, Canasta had flopped down nearby. A moment later she grabbed one and carried it into the crate. I put the rest back…

Pausing for a moment to grab this sweet shot of Uno (left) and Slapjack.

Hard to believe that this time last week we were still impatiently waiting for Canasta to birth those babies, isn’t it?


I love Jake’s curly whiskers.


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