3-15-21 Monday

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Seriously, this girl cracks me UP.

Oh, those blue eyes.

“Watching you, lady.”

Rummy’s watching me, too.

Slapjack is suspicious of my intentions.

Kitten pile.

A Mama’s work is never done.

She licked Pinochle too vigorously and he went rolling away.

Sometimes they’re in a pile, sometimes they’re more spread out.

Pinochle feels a sneeze coming on.


Oh, that Alice. She is SUCH a pretty girl.

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3-15-21 Monday — 4 Comments

  1. Lol, Pinochle. Yeah, he rolled away because of a vigorous Mama cleaning, but he can’t move because of the size of his tummy!

  2. They are turning into adorable little butterballs – they will ALL be rolling away soon, LOL. Thanks for the great pictures.