9-7-15 Monday

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Winnie sent me this picture last week, and I meant to share it, but then got distracted by something shiny.

Say hello to the kitty who birthed Paul Simon and Garfunkel, PLUS Winnie’s fosters ZigZag, Zoomer, Zypher and Zenith, AND ALSO the Swimmers.

Girlfriend is hanging up her dancing shoes! She’s been spayed and vaccinated, ear-tipped (to indicate that she’s been spayed), and released. She’ll have people caring for her, and doesn’t have to birth another kitten, ever. Isn’t that awesome?


“On my kitteh honor, I did NOT bite my sister on her butt (very hard)!”

Paws up, y’all! (Phelps)

Paws kinda up, kinda not.

Calabash, paws and tiny teef. She looks amused, doesn’t she?

Calabash has a skeptical. (Or she’s getting sleepy… but I prefer to think she’s having a skeptical.)

“Hi hi innernets! Hi!” Louganis (and Pattypan).

Drinking water is tiring, so Zuke needed a rest.

Louganis, sacked out on the floor.

Louganis again. He’s one tired boy!

Zuke would like you to know that my foot is awfully comfy.

His teef crack me up.


All those sleeping kitten pics made me need a nap. I’ve been up late the last couple of nights. Like, midnight late! Back in my night owl days that wasn’t so late, but these days it’s REALLY late.

If YOU were up late last night and on Facebook or Instagram, you might know what I’m about to say. You might have seen this picture:

Susan sent out an email late last week asking if anyone could take two bottle babies. I dithered about it, finally decided that at only a few days old they wouldn’t take up much room, and by the time they needed more room to run around, the Swimmers and the Squash Bugs would be near ready to head off to Petsmart. So I emailed her and told her that I hoped someone else had already taken them, but if not, I would.

Saturday evening, she delivered them to me.

Their estimated date of birth is August 31, which makes them a week old. Their eyes aren’t open yet, but they should in a few more days.

They’re tiny – less than 7 ounces – but feisty. They’re in GREAT shape, and they’re eating well. Their story is that they were found near a steam vent, apparently abandoned by their mother.

We think the brown tabby is a boy and the black kitten is a girl. We’ll double-check in a few days to be sure. I’ve already got names in mind, but y’all feel free to suggest any that strike your fancy – I can always add them to the lengthy list of names I have saved!

(And after bottle feeding 8 kittens, 2 is like a walk in the park.)


Newtles tries to decide where to take his next nap.


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