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Naughty kittens… I’ve seen some but some are so funny!

The one who peed on the hamster makes me laugh every time!


Have you seen this chicken coop?!

I have, and it’s cool – but insane. I cannot imagine trying to clean that thing!


Is it hard to believe you’ve only had the screen door for 1 year now? Kills me dead, since I know what picture is coming soon… your famous last words ‘no kitten has tried to climb it yet…’. Have any recent ones climbed it?

That comment was from Teresa, mama to Orlando, who’s in one of my favorite series of pictures from last year:

Those pictures still make me laugh out loud.

Peter climbed the door about halfway up (and had to be rescued), and every now and then I’ll hear one of them start to climb it, but then give up. None of them have done it quite as fabulously as Orlando did.

That screen door continues to be THE best thing we did to the house last year, if not EVER!


Oh, Unca Dennis, you have to be the best babysitter EVER. Hard to believe that a year ago or so he was a little guy looking up to Uncle Stefan and Uncle Tommy.

Have they encountered Grandma Poo yet?

No, they haven’t really encountered Miz Poo, aside from seeing her walk by the screen door at the bottom of the stairs. Miz Poo has no use for little babies, so she just ignores them as they stare at her walking by!


Does Miz Poo make tummy biscuits? I could use some of those today!!

Miz Poo does not make biscuits; she’s too Lady of the Manor to do any baking. HOWEVER, if you would like someone to lay on your chest or stomach or head and purr like crazy, occasionally showering you with a big wet sneeze, she’s your girl!


Is Dennis getting used to all these tween girl kittens seeing him as the Justin Bieber of the Kitty World?

He’s not surprised that they find him totally fabulous, although in recent days he’s been spending his time downstairs, away from the kittens. I think that Peter watching him use the litter box was a liiiiittle too creepy-stalker for Dennis.


I’m kind of curious why you have a power drill on the table, Surely your meatloaf isn’t that tough.

Because Fred’s workshop is allllll the way across the driveway, and I need that drill more often than you’d think (I think this time around I needed to hang a light or a hook, I don’t remember which). It’ll eventually go back to the workshop when I get tired of seeing it sitting there – and rest assured that as SOON as it goes back into the workshop, I’ll need it for something!


I took my cat for her checkup & shots yesterday. She is 10yrs old & weighs in at 16.5 lbs. She doesn’t eat anything except 1/3 cup dry food in the morning & night. Occasional treats. No wet food or people food. Just a big girl. She doesn’t play as much as she used to. She has a lazer pointer which she just usually lays and bops the red dot. She used to run up the walls. What is the largest cat you have had? Any suggestions from readers on toys for older cats to get them moving? I do have da bird, she likes but not like my foster kittens. My last cat became diabetic so I am just trying to keep her healthy.

Rather than post all the great responses in yesterday’s comments, I’ll just link to them so y’all can go read them yourselves. I do think that switching to a good canned food would be a better choice, food-wise (and switching to raw feeding is an option, too!) Since she does get the occasional treat, someone mentioned the great idea of making her work for her treats, which I like. As an older cat, she won’t fly around after Da Bird the way kittens do, but getting her to play with it is still a good idea. Anything that gets her moving will help, I think.

Y’all, have any other suggestions? Please chime in!

And to answer the question – the biggest cat we’ve had was Tubby, who passed away unexpectedly in 2004. He weighed over 20 pounds and did develop diabetes toward the end. We made a concerted effort to feed him better food and to get him moving in the months before he died, and he’d lost a little weight.

Currently, our biggest cat is Newt, who weighed in at 15 pounds last month (he always bulks up in the winter and then loses weight in the summer; several of our cats do, actually.)


My fat cat won’t touch wet food either… any suggestions for getting her interested? If it’s a kind that has meat chunks with gravy, she’ll just lick the gravy off, but most others she just gives a sniff and moves along.

SC Amy said: I think someone recommended here before to grind up some of their dry food and sprinkle it on the top of the can food. That way they smell/taste the dry first and start to eat.

I would recommend trying that, or you could buy something like Forti-Flora (which you can get from your vet or online – here’s an Amazon link for reference), which a lot of cats love, and which you could sprinkle across the top of the canned food to get her interested.

If she’s a gravy lover, adding a little chicken broth to the canned food you offer might help (just be sure, if you use canned broth, to check the label to be sure there’s no garlic or onion added).

Also, this from Candace: I use the pate, but I leave about a teaspoon size amount in the can and add about 2/3 can very warm water. Mix the food and water in the can, then pour it over the rest of the food. It cools off the water just enough so it won’t burn them, but they lap it up like crazy, with no extra calories from gravy.


Not fair. Not only do you get to boop Mary-nose and nap with kittens (c’mon, that’s like – EVERYONE’s dream), you have a fleece/flannel blanket. With cats on it. I am jealous. (Seriously, where did you find it?!!) You have jammies with cats on them stashed somewhere too, don’t you.

I got that blanket at TJ Maxx years and years ago. It was initially my plan to cut it up to make cat beds out of, but it’s just the perfect weight to take naps under, and it’s cute and the kittens always like the feeling of it (it’s kind of velour-y). The tag says “Thro by Marlo Lorenz”, but a quick look through Google image search didn’t show me any throws that look like it. Maybe I have the only one on earth.

I have some pajama pants with cats on them – which my mother made for me – but I rarely wear them because I rarely wear jammies!


Peter would like it known that he could totally lift that 25 pound weight if he wanted to.

“Um. Not that I WANT to!”

Can you tell that he’s just a sassy little monkey, full of attitude? Does that come across in this picture?

Paul shows his teefs.

Sweet, sweet boy.

Look. It’s just exhausting being this cute!

Mary teef.

I call these next few pictures “Pictures wherein Robyn thought the speed flash was off, but it very much was not, DUH.” Or more simply, “Overexposed.” I could pretend that I took them this way on purpose, because I am an ARTEEST.

This really shows Paul’s hidden stripes and swirls.

And this really shows Peter’s hidden stripes and swirls!

Those boys sure do like to climb.


Peter, Paul and Mary are headed off to be spayed and neutered today! They’re all well over 2 pounds, which happened all of a sudden. One minute Mary was 1 3/4 pounds, now she’s 2 1/4. The boys are both over 2 1/2 pounds

So, spaying and neutering today. Tomorrow they’re headed off to another foster home.

I know you’re surprised and want to know WHY. Why are those little monsters, who we have come to love and adore, why why WHY are they going to another foster home?

Well. It’s for the usual reason. We needed the room!

Yes, that is a pregnant belly.

The vet guesstimates that she’s between 3 and 4, and that this isn’t her first litter (which may mean that we’re in for a big litter!) She’s a tiny thing, and ALL belly. She’s super friendly and sweet, and just wants to be petted.

She’s not named yet – I decided to wait ’til she has her babies to decide on a naming theme, this time around. Definitely feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

(I’ll just refer to her as Mama for now, because I’m super creative like that.)

After I drop the kittens off at the vet this morning, I’ll be scrubbing down their room and moving Mama into it (she spent last night in the downstairs bathroom and was perfectly happy about it.) The kittens can have the run of the rest of the upstairs for tonight, and will be going to their new digs tomorrow. FYI, if anyone is seriously interested in adopting any – or all! – of them, they’ll be ready to go in another couple of weeks.

I am excited about having a pregnant cat, but I am going to miss Peter, Paul and Mary. They’re at such a fun age!


Videos! In the first, the kittens have the hippity-hops.

YouTube link.

And in the second, Peter, Paul and I are having some naptime snuggles… until my stomach decides to make noises. Stupid stomach!

YouTube link.


“Oh, joy. More kittens.”


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