2-24-23 Friday

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Do you ever squirt the Churu out onto a plate for them? Ours love the stuff and I put it on a plate for each one or else I will be attacked by two while giving some to the third. They are crazy for the stuff. I tell them to thank Aunt Robyn for cluing Momma onto the stuff. And thank goodness for Chewy for keeping the supply train rolling.

Yeah, sometimes I do that, especially if they have a hard time understanding the concept of eating it from the tube. I also like to – when I’m giving probiotic – mix the probiotic with Churu, and they love it. That’s how Fred gives Charlie his Churu, too.


Of course the girls like to hang out on the stairs – it’s the best opportunity for tripping humans. Their momma didn’t raise no dummies 🙂

When I trip over a cat and fall down the stairs and break my neck, please remind Fred that there’s a Nest camera pointed right at the stairs so he can show the police that he did not, in fact, get tired of hearing the 700th high-pitched terribly sung rendition of the Churu song and push me down the stairs.


Such a bittersweet good-bye to your girls. I find it getting harder to let them go the more I foster. You’ve done it for sooo long, do you find certain litters more difficult to let go than others?

My family keeps telling me to stop fostering ’cause it’s such a heartbreak for me, but I try to see the bigger picture and not dwell on that part of the foster journey.

When they’re born here, it’s hard for me to say goodbye. There are certain kittens that are harder to let go of, and honestly with every litter I think “Maybe I should just keep this one/two/three,” but in the end I always let them go. When I’m attached to a particular kitten or set of kittens, it is always SUCH A RELIEF to me when they’re adoption pending (because I know they have a wonderful home to go to) and I especially love it when their family can’t take them right away and I get to enjoy them a while longer.

Really, it’s never easy to watch them leave, but I’ve gotten accustomed to it, I just muscle through the part where I miss them, and (usually) I’ve got new fosters to keep me occupied.


Would have loved a picture of you all “catted up” carrying everyone into the airport!

I would have loved to have video of all the other people in the airport with their “Oh no, I hope they’re not on MY flight” faces. It was cracking me up!


Awww, Kara; three years already (re. 2020 entry). The best Sheriff.

I had forgotten that Kara and Frankie left us one day apart. She was the best, and so was he! (Charlie seems to be fulfilling the role of Sheriff these days, at least in the back yard.)


“Honorary permanent resident” She’ll wear you down eventually 😀

Not unless Charlie changes his ways!


Linzer’s watchin’ me.

She’s all “Something feels weird.” (She had one ear folded back, and I folded the other one. She just sat there with a cartoon question mark over her head for about a minute before she shook her head and her ears popped back into place with an audible popping sound.)

Yes, of course Mister Frog goes home with her. If a kitten shows any kind of attachment to a toy or stuffed animal (or a bed), I send it home with them. About the only things I won’t let them have are one of a kind items like the crocheted couch, the Fruittasan, and big things like the taco truck. And if adopters are flying home, I try to restrict it to a small(ish) bag, because flying with a kitten or two is stressful enough without having to juggle a bunch of other stuff. (Okay, okay. It’s possible I sometimes send a box through the mail. Kim NEEDED her tunnel, okay?)

Cinnaspin has a think.

Snuggly girls.

These girls look like they’ve seen some stuff. (Confession: They were too busy sniffing around and wouldn’t look at me, so I might have danced around a little bit. This is the appropriate reaction to seeing me dance.)


Lincoln comes to see what I’m doing.

Lilly at a safe distance.

Lincoln and Lilly are recovered from their spay/neuter surgeries. Lincoln was pretty much recovered by the time I got him home; Lilly was sleepy for a bit, but by yesterday morning they were both racing around like wild things.


A shot of Dewey, who is very very pretty (this is from 2019. Dewey continues his avoidance of the pawparazzi because he’s just plain MEAN.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Linzer’s all “Ooh, it’s Uncle Khal. Hi Uncle Khal!”

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and Linzer is judging Cinnaspin’s form. (She gives it an A+++)

Lilly wants to get in on this Thlurrrpsday action.

YouTube link
Trying to convince Cinnaspin and Linzer that they want to be friends with Lincoln and Lilly. They don’t seem to be buying it.

Just a girl (Cinnaspin) and her frog.

Good night innernets. (Cinnaspin)


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  1. Oh, that makes me so happy that Kim got her tunnel! And that froggie will be going home with Cinnaspin. You’re the best!

  2. The picture of the shocked girlies made me laugh out loud! And I’m so glad that Cinna got to take her froggie home!