12-24-20 Thursday

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It’s a Pretzel in the sun, melting.

Pretzel’s always got a lot to say.

They’ve really taken to that bed, which is on the kitchen table.

“Is COMFY, lady!”

There might’ve been a feather teaser up there.


Newt’s all “JAKE! Don’t eat the tree, Santa won’t know where to leave the presents!”


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12-24-20 Thursday — 5 Comments

  1. May Santa be generous to you and your crew! Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you give to us innernets the whole year through.

  2. Have a great holiday! I echo what Eva said in her comment. I look forward to the smiles every morning.

  3. Not sure if my card will arrive in time…Merry Christmas! Loved the one we received from you!
    Love, love, love all the blog posts and pics and time you share with us.