12-22-21 Wednesday

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Yesterday morning, I texted Michelle.

I’m just not convinced Ivy’s pregnant, I said. Can we get her in for an exam? About 10 minutes later Michelle let me know that I could drop her off at the vet right then, so I grabbed Ivy, stuffed her into a carrier, and was on my way.

Around noon, the vet called. Our girl Ivy? She had an ultrasound. And?


Not pregnant.

Not sorry, the little bamboozler.

Just hanging with her favorite toy, doing what she do.

Thinking about how gullible humans (well, THIS human anyway) are.

I was too focused on how cute she is.

So between the fact that Ivy hadn’t gained any weight in the previous 5 days (in fact, had even lost a tiny bit), doesn’t have that voracious pregnant-mama appetite, and really doesn’t LOOK pregnant, just a little chunky, I started to think that she wasn’t pregnant. I’ve had enough fakers at this point (Ivy makes faker #7) to know that when I’ve had a cat for two weeks and start thinking “But is she realllly pregnant?”, then chances are good that she’s not.

“You should have taken her to the vet sooner!” you might be wanting to say. Because you missed the part where she was SEEN by a vet before she came to Forgotten Felines. That vet said she was pregnant and would have kittens in 2 – 3 weeks. And I’m not judging the vet because this is the THIRD faker I’ve had who was seen by a vet before I got them and declared to be pregnant. So the fact that I can’t always tell when a cat is pregnant is NOT ON ME, people. If a trained medical professional is bamboozled by a skilled FAKEY FAKEY FAKER, then clearly it’s not actually that easy to tell.

While this is a little bit of a bummer – how CUTE would her kittens be?! – it’s also great news for Ivy. She doesn’t have to go through all that birthing and mothering stuff; she can just stay the baby!

So Ivy is scheduled for her spay surgery (they also shaved her belly to check for a spay scar and there wasn’t one) on January 17th, though they’ll call if someone cancels before then, so she may end up being spayed earlier.

Fred – who was very much NOT looking forward to being alone with a cat in labor – is very relieved. And I promised that I wouldn’t take any other possibly-pregnant fosters until I get back from my trip in January.

For now, Ivy will hang out here with us. If you’re interested in adopting her, better speak up – you can message Forgotten Felines of Huntsville on their Facebook page to inquire.

Ivy is about a year old (maybe a bit younger), a very sweet, snuggly lapcat who loves to make biscuits and who’s a bit of a goofball (you might have noticed.) She’s had very limited exposure to Charlie (a couple of visits from him), and I believe she’ll be fine with other cats as long as there’s a slow introduction. I don’t know how she is with dogs, but my belief is that she’d be fine with a slow introduction to dogs as well.


An old picture of camera-shy Dewey, so y’all don’t forget what a gorgeous boy he is.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

It’s Toesday, so please admire these beautiful beans.

A comparison photo for you. Top: Canasta. Bottom: Ivy. ⁠

That picture of Canasta was taken ONE MONTH AND THREE DAYS before she gave birth.⁠

They’re two different cats with two different body shapes but I still think we’ve got a way to go before Ivy has her kittens (standard disclaimer about how I’m not 100% convinced she’s pregnant because I won’t be until she has actually birthed at least one kitten, and even then I might be skeptical.)⁠

Note: Ivy saw a vet before she came to rescue. The vet says she’s pregnant. No idea when she’s due or how many kittens she’ll have; I haven’t seen any belly movement yet (and you better believe I’ve been looking.) The standard rule is that you see/feel belly movement in the last 1 – 2 weeks of pregnancy, HOWEVER I could see it in Canasta a full month before she gave birth. Ivy’s nipples are pale and there’s no milk yet.⁠

So there you go. (Further note: I have fostered 14 pregnant cats; Ivy will be the 15th. Every pregnancy is different.)

YouTube link
Get yer fresh biscuits, they’re piping hot!

Ivy’s all “Come here, lady. I gots a knuckle sammich for you.”

YouTube link
Ivy lured me in under false pretenses.

Banana for scale! (Ivy’s all “You ain’t funny, lady.”)

Good night innernets. (Ivy)


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12-22-21 Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. Holy cow! I love the drama on your blog! If people think it’s just fun and games everyday they have another thing comin’.

    Received your holiday card and wish you and yours a warm and merry Christmas. Sounds like Fred already got his Christmas wish. 🙂

  2. Oh man! Can’t say that I’m not a little bit sad for cute new Christmas kitty babies, but I’m glad that Fred and Ivy won’t have to go through that. Merry Christmas to all.

  3. I have to admit, I was REALLY looking forward to a kitten named Kudzu, but still very happy for Ivy and Fred. And I expect it’ll make your vacation a teeny bit less stressful as well (knowing you won’t be missing the labor or kittens).
    I wonder if there’s a cat network or school somewhere teaching young females how to fake pregnancy so the gullible humans will give them extra food and loving.

  4. *cackles!* I didn’t expect to actually be right with this one! One super lovebug kitty, no percolating kittens required. XD

  5. “Kittens on the way” is always a safe bet when an unspayed ladycat is on the loose, but I am glad the story has the other happy ending! Thanks, Robyn, for all the fun and Merry Christmas!

  6. HOORAY FOR IVY!! And wonderful news for Fred, for sure! Now the girl can just relax and get pampered in style! So happy for her!

  7. She is such a pretty girl—I was really looking forward to her kittens. Ah, well—I’m happy for Fred, since I know he wouldn’t want any advice from us on birthing kittens!!