1-4-22 Tuesday

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Ivy the little poser.

She is just such a CUTIE.

Her latest trick is to get up on top of this scratcher and chase her tail. I keep worrying that she’ll tumble off, but y’know? She never does, just keeps on twirling.


It’s a Charlie and his rat.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Ivy’s recovering from a tough weekend of (…checks notes…) eating, playing and napping.

Look who it is! Former fosters Stardust (back), Phoenix (middle) and Amber (right). We fostered Amber (then Ambercup) in 2015, and Stardust and Phoenix in 2017. Together they make, as Debra said, “A cuddle of former fosters”! How cozy do they look? (Thanks Debra!)

Ivy’s still recovering from the holidays (aren’t we all!)

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Ivy loves it when I toss toys for her (well, when she’s not napping or otherwise occupied she loves it, anyway.)

Good night innernets. (Ivy on the bed, Charlie on the ham-mick on the floor.)


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  1. Great pics, Robyn!!! Did y’all get any snow? I heard a blurb about Alabama getting snow…. Just wondering if you did and what all residents thought of it… 😉

  2. I love Charlie and his rat! My Allie loves her “babies,” especially a pink mouse and a tiny teddy bear. She carries them around, keening at the top of her lungs (so nice in the middle of the night!), then brings them to me. She only started doing this a couple years ago, when she became an only cat. She had never shown interest in the toys or even meowed much while Harley was with us. I guess she had Harley to keep her busy (even though they never seemed to pay much attention to each other) and to talk for her!