1-4-21 Monday

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“Ooh, it’s Uncle Charlie!”

“Let me follow him around and watch what he’s doing!”

Charlie in motion.

Moira’s all “What doin’, weirdo?”


Gettin’ wider.

“Lady, you is rude.”


“I wasn’t chewing on the Christmas tree, lady. I would never.” Sure, Jake.

(Christmas tree is coming down today. I’ll miss seeing the twinkly lights, but I’ll be glad to get the house back to normalish.)


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1-4-21 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Hahaha – our cats chew on the bottom of the tree too. I turn to one and say, “Mya! Stop chewing on the tree” … she stops for a second, looks offended, and then goes back to chewing. I say stop again, she looks super offended then runs off – then she doesn’t come back until the next day.

    • I have ornaments made from felt at the very bottom of my tree so they can whack them an chew on them. Some of my kitties really like laying under the tree looking at the twinkle lights. Last Xmas when my Dixie started to fade away I put her basket in her favorite spot under the tree. I she was still reacting to the lights as her vision deteriorated. She was 20 years old and up until a few days before she was a bit stiff, but fit as a fiddle. She passed peacefully under the tree Jan.01.2020.

  2. Seeing Moira and Charlie together you can really see how tiny she is! Poor baby, not even grown up and having to make babies, so sad. The good news is it’ll be “one and done”!

  3. I love Moira’s classic tabby markings, she is such a pretty girl.

    Jake looks almost like a lion cub in that picture!

  4. Will you be trying to keep Charlie out of the kitten room after babies are born? That’s gonna be difficult! 🙂

    • I’m going to see how Moira reacts (and how Charlie reacts to kittens.) I’ll let him in if she’s okay with it, but I don’t think I’d leave him in there unsupervised.