1-20-21 Wednesday

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It’s a rough life, in case you were wondering.

“I heard that.”

Charlie lurking behind the little chairs, keeping an eye on Canasta. Sometimes she ignores him, sometimes she smacks him, sometimes she seems like she wants to play. He never knows which he’s gonna get.

“Go ahead, lady. You know you wanna grab the belly.”

For a brief shining moment it wasn’t a trap… and then it was. Will I ever learn? Not with a belly that tempting!


Jake and Dewey, having a bro moment.


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1-20-21 Wednesday — 2 Comments

  1. Sure looks to me that not only is that belly tempting, but there a few little kitten interlopers in there are well.

    Jake and Dewey having a bro moment, heh.

  2. Canasta is just too adorable. I hope she finds her forever home as fast as her kids do once everyone’s ready to be adopted.