6-8-17 Thursday

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They walk up that scratcher so casually now, it’s hard to believe there was ever a time I had decided maybe they just weren’t climbers. HA.

“Where oh where is the perfect place to drop this toy so that the lady will step on it in her bare feet and scream that amusing high-pitched scream?”

This toy has turned out to be a favorite toy for all the kittens. It’s a fur-covered rattly mouse, only the tail’s been pulled off, and it’s partially skinned. Someone’s always carrying it around while growling at the other kittens.

See? That toy’s giving Mama the crazy eyes!

Roux the lapkitty.

Would you LOOK at the little smile on Andouille’s face?


Love that Roux.

Beignet is turning into quite the little poser… Praline might need to work a little more on her smile, though.

I LOVE it when they smack at a toy and then tuck their paw against their chest while they watch what happens.

Praline doesn’t look like she’s having a whole lot of fun with this game.

“Be vewy vewy quiet…”


Video! I feel like I title 90% of these videos some version of “My laws ain’t these kittens some kind of nuts,” but it’s true. They are!

YouTube link


Stefan sleeping on an Archie blanket will never not be amusing to me.


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6-8-17 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. Yes, that toy is certainly a favorite….but it is like stepping on a Lego.
    “Be vewy vewy quiet…” – now that cracked me up!
    Blanket ….if he only knew….

  2. I think “Be vewy vewy quiet” is going to be my favorite photo for all time!

  3. I feel like I title 90% of these videos some version of “My laws ain’t these kittens some kind of nuts,” but it’s true. They are!

    It is as I said. Nuts in sugar syrup.

  4. My mother’s cat, Mika, loved drowning her half skinned toy mouse. Every day we’d have to scoop it out of the water dish!

  5. I am really trying to be creative and think of the perfect caption for the picture Praline trying to smile and Beignet posing !!! This one needs to be one of those memes that go around the internet like hot cakes !!!

    Robyn you are so AWESOME at it and I hope to one day gain such an amazing gift !!!! I guess I will just have to keep reading your blog and facebook forever and ever 🙂

  6. I can’t tell you how much joy your daily blog of Nola’s kittens gives me and how often I laugh out loud. I love your quirky sense of humor and find that it matches my own, another unexpected pleasure!. Thank you and Fred for all you do!

  7. Yeah, that toy’s giving Mama the crazy eyes BECAUSE it’s a rattly one! Atticus used to have one similar that he always insisted on playing with at night. In the dark. And carry it around in his mouth while keening loudly over its demise…

    (So loving reading up on Stompers again!!)

  8. Who’s face is that on the pillow? The one at the end of the couch with the Archie blanket with Stefan?

  9. That pic of Praline and Beignet is a classic “We all have that one friend…” photo.

  10. OMG! You have a blanket with my all time FAVORITE photo!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️