9-13-17 – Wednesday – 5 weeks old!

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Can you believe that Mercury’s Missions are FIVE weeks old already? Here are their progression pictures.

Not a huge change from last week to this week, but their ears are definitely getting bigger. They’re also getting more coordinated – which is NOT to say that they’re coordinated, just a bit less stumbly than they were.

Here’s what they look like when they aren’t dangling from my hand.




Stardust. (Looks like she’s wearing a white fez!)


Now that they are big boys and girls, they’re doing much more…


They love climbing (next time I do a big clean of their room, I’ll bring the little blue cat tree in for them to climb on.)


It’s hard to tell from this picture, but Hubble was a bit floofed up.

Eating with Mama! (I’ve seen most – if not all – of them eating either canned food or kibble.)


And letting Mama have a little – but not too much! – time to herself.

In our last litter, Chip had a tail that he always held so high and proud that it nearly brushed his head. Kami referred to it as his “happy tail,” which is the perfect description.

In this litter, Hubble appears to be in possession of a happy tail.

Cutie pie.


Videos! In the first one, pro fisherkitten Phoenix drags her fish across the floor.

YouTube link

And in the second, one of the tabbies (I think it’s Telstar, but I can’t swear to it) nearly goes swimming. The look on his face as he looks at the water before he walks off cracks me UP.

YouTube link


Dennis’s reaction when I suggested he come down from there so I could kiss him. “Don’t believe so, lady.”


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