9-5-17 Tuesday

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Hubble doesn’t think those things on my slippers look like cats at ALL.

Stardust is such a little nut.

Stardust again. Oh, those blue, blue eyes.

The family.

Stardust again. What a cutie.

::thlurrrp:: goes Hubble.

Brudders. (Hubble and Telstar)

Stardust isn’t sure how she got up there or how she’ll get down.

Aurora really likes hanging out in the scratcher tunnel.

I just love the little spot on Hubble’s nose.

Phoenix sees you.

That look on Telstar’s face is cracking me up. “This is so GROSS! Why am I DOING this?!”

Aurora and Mercury’s tail.


Video! A sprawl of kittens, being adorable.

YouTube link


Don’t bother her; Maxi’s got places to go and cats to smack!


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