2-8-16 Monday

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I finally found a scratcher that Koko will use! She likes to sit on it too, obviously.

“Yep, this scratcher gets the two paws up – not only for to sharpen my claws, but also for a comfy seat to sit on while I’m taking a bath.”

“Oh! It says something on the side, I hadn’t noticed that! What does it say? Faaa… faaaa… fat. Fat! Caaa.. caaa… cat. Cat! Fat…Cat…”


“That ain’t FAT, lady, that’s BABIES.”

“Now… what was I doing, again?” Poor Koko and her pregnancy brain.

“Oh, right. Time for another bath!”

The belly is getting bigger, but I haven’t seen any movement yet. It doesn’t help that Koko is rarely at rest when I’m in the room with her – she flops down, but pretty much gets right back up again to pace or come over to me for a kiss or to jump up and look out the window. I got a long, unobstructed view of her belly Saturday night, and didn’t see any movement. As I recall from previous mama cats, it seems to take forever to see movement, and then it’s like the wild west in there.

All of this is to say that whoever has guessed Valentine’s Day as a possible DOB for those babies – and several of you have – you might very well be right!


Of note: three years ago on this date, we were waiting for Lilybet to give us kittens. It turned out to be a long wait, because girlfriend was a FAKER. Here’s the post where I introduced her, in case you missed it on Friday.

ALSO, five years ago today, I posted that we had adopted Alice.


I shared this picture of Jake last Thursday on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr, but wanted to share it here, too. I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH. It’s from almost exactly six years ago.

And from around the same time (actually, about a month earlier than that picture above), this one kills me dead.

Such a little loon.


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