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You guys, this picture of Hook (formerly Puff) is just killing me dead.

Selena said: I had to get this for my Captain Hook. He was not as excited as me.

I told Selena that I hope she sleeps with one eye open, because that is one displeased little man right there. I LOVE it!


“Paws up y’all!”

“They’re up! They’re up! I didn’t miss out on paws up y’all, did I?”

“All four of mine are in the air!”

“Oh hush, y’all. I’m trying to figure out how to climb this thing.”

I kind of hate it when they walk around with litter in their mouths, but doesn’t it look like Tony has one big tooth sticking out the side of his mouth?

Climbin’ Meadow.

“Why your hand way over there, lady? Why it not PETTING ME?”


“I SAID, ‘Pet me’!”

Silvio, Melfi, and Tony like to roll around in my lap, fight with each other, and jab me with their sharp little claws.

Sleepy Tony.


Kintaro, eyeballing me from the other side of the baby gates. We had to move the baby gates to the top of the stairs, because Jake was too scared to go by the bottom of the stairs with Kintaro there (though blocked by the baby gates.) Poor loony Jake!


Miz Poo, contemplating her next move (if I recall correctly, she opted for curling up in the sun for a nap.)


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