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When I got the monthly email from Chewy and found that one of the items available for review this month was Fancy Feast Shredded Fares canned food, I went for it because I knew it was going to be popular. And spoiler: I was right.

When they heard me opening cans, Jake, Archie and Kara came to see what was going on (even though they’d had their own canned food a few hours earlier), so I got plates out for them.

They liked it.

Archie cleaned his plate.

Jake got the Crazy Eyes.

Then I took a plate up to Ryder and the kittens.

Yeah, I need to add a second plate to snack time. They all manage to get plenty to eat, though.

Ryder walked away and left the kittens to it (she always eats a little in the beginning and then comes back to clean the plate. Yes, I’ve tried giving her her own plate of canned food up on the counter where the kittens can’t get to, and she refuses to eat it up there.)

Cleaning the plate.

“Do you MIND?”

When Ryder was done, that plate was as clean as though it had gone through the dishwasher. She loved the Fancy Feast, the kittens loved it, and Jake, Archie and Kara loved it. Win!

This food was provided to us free of charge for an honest opinion. Thanks for the opportunity, Chewy!


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