12-30-19 Monday

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Today, we have lots of familiar faces!

First up, we have one of Ryder’s Fleet, who was our foster last year. This is what he looked like in September 2018…

And here’s Axel now!

Lisa said: I am so glad you teach the kittens how to relax!🤣 This is what I saw when I got out of the shower!

That boy cracks me UP! (Thanks, Lisa!)


Next up, we have one of Mercury’s Missions, who we fostered in 2017. This is what he looked like in September 2017…

And here’s Hubble now!

Can you tell he likes Da Bird just a little?

You can also see Hubble on Instagram, here!

(Thanks, Teresa and Gene!)


Next, we have THREE former fosters. Hubble’s sisters Stardust and Phoenix, part of Mercury’s Missions, who looked like this in October 2017:

Stardust, left, and Phoenix.

AND their sister Amber, who was our foster Ambercup – one of the Squash Bugs – back in 2015. She looked like this in August 2015:

Here they are now!

Phoenix (left) and Amber. I couldn’t get Stardust to cooperate, but she sends greetings as well!!

Left to right: Stardust, Amber and Phoenix. I moved the sofa under the window….all the girls approved.

(Thanks, Debra!)


Back in 2018, we had this sweet girl.

That’s Kristi, of the Olympians, who came to us hugely pregnant in 2018. She came to us the day after we got her daughter Katia, who was also pregnant. Kristi had clearly been around people before – we were able to pet her – but we were never able to pet Katia. Both Kristi and Katia went to Michelle’s house – Kitty Boot Camp, we called it – so that Michelle and Brittany could work with them and convince them that people aren’t so bad. At the time we thought that Kristi and Katia were so bonded that they couldn’t be separated. As it turns out, Katia will bond with cats other than Kristi, and they’ve separated from each other. Here’s what Kristi looks like now:

She’s got Resting Kristi Face, but she is the SWEETEST. Brittany has told me, more than once, that if her cat would allow it, she’d adopt Kristi herself. Here’s more of a description of Kristi, from a post in September, as written by Brittany: Kristi is amazing and if you REALLY want to adopt a cat – adopt her. She’s everyone’s passive mom. She is SO sweet and loves attention, happy to be cuddled by other cats but also perches herself up on the windowsill sometimes. Some cats go up there with her sometimes but other times they don’t. She gets more spooked if you reach to pet her while she’s down low but when she’s up high she gets excited about being petted. She doesn’t like to be held but she’s all about attention and laps. I legitimately LOVE Kristi and if I could bring 3 cats to my apartment she would be the 3rd. She is just wonderful. ⁠

Kristi is now at Petsmart on University Drive here in Huntsville, Alabama. If you’d told me she’d be able to go to Petsmart when she was our foster, I don’t know that I’ve have believed you. I hope that the right person catches sight of her sweet face and falls in love!

(Katia is still at Michelle’s house, doing well. I’m pretty sure Brittany told me at some point that they’re able to pet her occasionally. I don’t expect that the time will come when she’ll be okay to go to Petsmart, but I’ve certainly been wrong before!)

Also, here’s a video of Kristi. Hopefully this will embed in the post so you can see it here, but if not you can see her here at Facebook.


I dropped the kittens off at Petsmart Friday morning – and then went back in the early afternoon to move them once I found that a big cage was available, and I could put all three together. There were no adoptions over the weekend, but of course I’ll let y’all know when there’s news to share.

These are the last of the pictures I took of them before they went back. We sure did enjoy having them here with us for several days – though I think the permanent residents are just as happy to have them gone again.

Henri acting as Josephine’s weighted blanket.

Pretty Gabrielle in a rare closed-mouth moment.

And Henri suggesting that I bring that feather teaser juuuust a little bit closer.

Henri’s all “This rug has a rubber backing. No wonder it doesn’t slide when I race across it!”

At Petsmart – Henri (left) and Josephine on the top level, Gabrielle below.



It appears that Earl the Skwerl is also a fan of that pot of catnip. (I think he was actually burying a nut in the pot.)


Archie, appalled at Earl’s audacity.


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