2-19-18 Monday

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Look who it is in his very own home! It’s Hubble, who now not only has his very own home, but also has his very own Instagram.

Go follow him on Instagram and watch him grow! He went home last Thursday, and so far things are going great. I just love seeing that sweet boy go to a wonderful forever home! True to his nature, Hubble is proving to be a sweet, playful lovebug.


Also going home over the weekend was Paul Simon! Reports were that he was a little nervous at first and hid under the bed, but with the use of treats, he was lured out and is proving to be a lovebug.

I’m so glad to see him go home!


To unfortunately follow up the awesomely good news with bad, I have to report that Stardust was returned yesterday. I’m not going to go into details, but I’m very glad she was returned. Brittany reports that she’s as sweet as ever. (If you might be interested in adopting this gorgeous girl, you can contact Forgotten Felines at info@ffhsv.org to discuss adoption procedures. We are located in Huntsville, Alabama.)


Yesterday morning, Fred finished up a few small tasks with the cat fence around the back yard, and then removed the covers from the cat doors between the screened porch and the outside. The cats milled around in confusion.

“What is going ON?!”

We both fully expected that Archie would be the first one through the door, but nope.

Frankie was!

Archie went through right after Frankie, and then went Dewey and then several others. (Jake, Alice, and Newt never did make it outside yesterday. I’m sure they will eventually, but there’s no hurry.)


Maxi looked on in amazement.

Stefan was snoozing upstairs, so it was a while before he wandered out back.

Frankie, exploring.

You can see the cat fencing in this picture – there are spring-loaded arms attached to fence posts, and then the mesh fencing is attached to the arms with zip ties, and stapled to the wooden fence with staples. If the cats attempt to climb the mesh fence, they’ll get to a certain point, and then the arms will bend and drop them to the ground. If they attempt to climb up the wooden part of the fence, they’ll end up climbing the mesh fence and will end up getting dropped to the ground.

(The mesh fence – which is the same thing as deer fence – doesn’t go all the way to the ground, it starts about halfway up the wooden fence.)

With the conversion system (which we had to use since the fence itself is only about 4 feet tall), the overall fence is between 6 and 7 feet tall. The wooden fence itself is on the old side and will need to be replaced. We’re hoping to get 2 or 3 years out of the existing fence before we have to replace it, and when we do, we can remove the cat fencing and reuse it on the new fence. There are spring-loaded arms and fencing around the trees closest to the fence (so the cats can’t climb the trees and jump over), and Fred will put thin metal flashing around the bigger trees in the middle of the yard so the cats can’t climb the trees beyond 5 feet or so.

As of 5:00 yesterday afternoon (we let them out around 9:30), no one had tried climbing the fence, but I guarantee (ARCHIE) it’s only a matter of time.

Although no one tried climbing the fence, the cats did what cats do – they spotted the weak spot and exploited it nearly immediately. Fred went out to check on the cats, and found Archie outside the fence. As soon as Archie saw Fred, he started howling, and Fred brought him inside. We were in the process of trying to set up a camera so we could see how Archie had gotten out when Archie helpfully showed us. Turns out, a slat along the back of the fence was loose, and Archie pushed on it until it made a big enough space for him to slip through. We brought the cats inside while Fred fixed that slat and then went along the fence checking the rest of them. That was the ONE loose slat, but it’s not loose any longer. (Once that was done, we reopened the cat doors.)

No one got out during the rest of the day, and we brought them all inside at 5:00 and shut the doors from the screened porch to the outside. When it gets light out this morning, Fred will let them out again.

We got our cat fencing from Purrfect Fence, and in fact that was our first delivery in this house.

Stefan checked out the perimeter of the yard.

Sheriff’s on the move.

Frankie and Kara saying hello.

Lookin’ for trouble.

Such a pretty Frankie.

Archie continues to look for trouble.

Edited to add: After I wrote all that about the fence, I found a somewhat better picture of the fence. See if this makes sense (see second picture), and if not, check out the page at PurrfectFence.comthis is the kind we have.


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