1-4-19 Friday

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Does Archie prefer to conquer the flour sack dish towels or the fluffier terry-cloth ones? Or whatever’s hanging there is just asking for it?

We use flour sack dish towels exclusively, so I’m not sure how he’d be with a fluffier dish towel. I suspect he wouldn’t care – it’s more about location than the type of towel, I think. We have two dish towels hanging in the kitchen – one in front of the sink, one in front of the stove. He kills the one hanging in front of the sink on a regular basis, and as far as I know has never touched the one in front of the stove.


Here are the OTHER cats who were in the cat room at Petsmart (Jones Valley, Huntsville, Alabama) when I cleaned Monday evening.

Buddy. A total sweetheart.

His sweet brother Scout. These guys remind me a lot of the Players litter.

And their sweet sister Molly. She’s a total doll.

Riley (who did not appreciate Clutch’s tail encroaching on her picture.)

And her sister Robin.

Riley from above (such a serious face!)

And Robin from above. This girl is a little poser!

Renly, who is a total sweetheart. Don’t you love her little pink half-mustache?

The floofalicious Burt.

Isn’t he a cutie?



It’s been rainy, and the cats do not appreciate it. Some – like Dewey – are spending all their time snoozing in warm places, and others (ARCHIE) are being jerks and picking fights.


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