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For our Chewy product review this month, we are reviewing the Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Litter. The promise of fast-clumping,low-dust litter always catches my attention, so I was very interested to give this a try.

I decided to use the litter in the foster room because I had four (soon to be five) little pooping machines in there, and the best way to test a litter is to put it in a heavily used litter box.

First of all – and pretty important to me – how dusty is it? I made a video when I filled the litter box in the kitten room.

YouTube link

Dust factor: not bad. Not dust-free (but then, you’re not going to find a clumping clay litter that’s completely dust-free, no matter what they say), and once the box was filled, the dust settled pretty quickly. Dustier than my usual litter, but certainly something I could live with.

Secondly: how well does it clump?

Nice hard clumps that hold together well under intensive digging from the kittens, and scooping by me.

Chesnee approved the durability of these clumps.

Obviously, the kittens were willing to use it, which is always important. They seemed to prefer it a bit more than the other litter box, but that could be because the box with the Frisco litter was deeper, and thus the level of litter was deeper, too.

The odor control? Well, this is kind of where it fell apart. The day after I started using the Frisco litter in the foster room, Charlotte came home with me. And I have no idea what she’d been eating while she was living in the woods, but she was loaded with roundworms, and my good lord almighty did she have some stinky poops. The next morning, I walked upstairs and the ENTIRE upstairs smelled awful (“heinous,” according to Fred, and when he notices, you know it’s gotta be bad.)

I pretty quickly added a scoop of activated charcoal to the box – I use it with my regular litter, too – and after that, and after the kittens were dewormed, the smell improved quite a bit. I would love to be able to tell you that it was one or the other (the activated charcoal or the deworming), but the smell was so overwhelming that I couldn’t wait to do something to make it go away.

I’ll add that I really appreciate that the litter isn’t perfumed. I really dislike perfumed litter.

So my overall impression is that it’s not a bad litter, and you could certainly do much worse. At this point in time, a 40 pound bag is $13.15 from Chewy (or $12.49 if you sign up to have it auto-shipped), and that’s a good price.

The litter was provided to us free of charge, and the opinion was mine, with some help from the kittens. Thank you to Chewy and Frisco for giving us the chance to try out this litter!


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