9-29-16 Thursday

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Random Thursday.

I ran across these pictures recently and thought I’d re-share them for reasons explained below each picture.

This is Percy Pickle, one of our fosters from four years ago (one of the Pickles litter). When I saw this picture a few days ago, I thought it was Archie! So if you’ve ever wondered what Archie looked like as a kitten, as I occasionally do, this gives us a pretty good idea.

I posted this picture back in 2014, after I finished cross-stitching it. (I haven’t cross-stitched since then, and I really need to get back into it, if for no reason other than because I have a zillion cross-stitch patterns and kits.) It sat in the closet for a couple of years, and recently, I finally had it framed. Now it’s hanging in the kitchen:

I wish I’d chosen a mat that was a bit less pink, but overall I like it!

This picture made me dizzy back in 2011, and it makes me dizzy now. Does it make anyone else dizzy, or am I the only weirdo?


These goobers love to push the bowl scratcher under the wall tree and hang out on it, as Darry is kind enough to illustrate for us.

Juniper prefers it when it’s all the way under the shelf, for maximum privacy.

Juniper “discovered” the scratcher hammock (it was in a different place when the Evergreens were here), and it’s her favorite place to hang out.

Which reminds me to remind y’all – if your cats won’t use a cat bed, try moving it to another location, give it a little while, and if they’re still ignoring it, move it again. Eventually they’ll decide it’s interesting, or you’ll give up and find another home for it.

Sodapop also finds this comfy.

Two-Bit is a basket dweller.

Juniper also enjoys some good basketing.

That stuffed cat (I think it’s a cat) was an impulse purchase. It’s actually a dog toy, but I figured that if the kittens didn’t want to lay on or play with it, I could at least use it as a pillow when I’m laying on the floor with the kittens. As it turns out, they LOVE IT when I put it on top of that square scratcher. They knock it down and drag it around the room. Sometimes, they pose nicely with it.

This cracks me up. Hemlock is sitting in its LAP.

When I cleaned the room the other day, I swapped the little blue “space ship” track toy out for this one, with the toy mouse sticking up. They LOVE it, especially Sodapop.

Then Hemlock came over and distracted Sodapop, and Two-Bit popped out of the cube to smack at the toy mouse while Sodapop smacked at Hemlock’s ears.

The look I got when I told Hemlock not to bite Darry’s ear. “Who, ME? I’d never!”

Things are looking good in the litter box department, so unless something happens between now and then (always a possibility), Hemlock and Juniper will be headed back to Petsmart Saturday morning. Adoptions have been slowwwww lately, hopefully they’ll pick up. Fingers crossed!


These videos have been posted on Instagram/Facebook, but I thought I’d share them here today just ’cause they crack me up.

In the first, Archie is STAR.VING.

YouTube link

And in the second – Hemlock is pretty much an honorary Greaser now.

YouTube link


Joe Bob, in his bed of leaves. His favorite place to sleep!


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