1-3-13 – Crooked Acres Thursday

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

George and Gracie, dead asleep atop Dirt Mountain, as seen through the window over my desk.

Gracie, asleep in a bed of leaves. One of my favorite things to do when she’s sleeping in those leaves is to sneak up to the fence line and then softly call her name.


“I was just thinkin’! About… the chickens!”

“And how best to protect them! See? I’m up!”

“Just keepin’ an eye on the chickens and not sleepin’! That’s me!”

Toasty keeps an eye on me.

Cruella has no use for that stale bagel. “I prefer the fresh ones!”

The Rock Star. So pretty!

Fred finally built the ducks a shelter out by the pond – and they use it! I mean, not that we ever see any of them in it, but I can tell by the indentations in the straw that they’ve been sleeping in there.

The first of our Meyer lemons have ripened. There are another five on the tree (which is in the garage in front of a sunny window), which will be ripe before too long.

My parents sent us an LL Bean Christmas wreath. It’s pretty and smells fabulous and I don’t plan to take it down any time soon. It’s pretty much the only decoration we had up this year.


Back in September, I put the game cam in the front room. Someone was spraying the back of the couch, and I wanted to find out who. Naturally, once the camera was in place, it never happened again. I happened to look through the videos the camera shot (it was set on motion detect, capturing 10-second videos at a time), and found some cute footage of the Weeds and Pickles, acting like wild things.

This one is all the footage of them climbing the scratching post behind the couch. I’ll post other videos next week, because it caught some pretty cute stuff.

Please note that since this came from a game cam, the quality falls short of awesome, but I think it’s worth checking out!

YouTube link


Bitsy wants to know what I’m doin’.

“No, seriously. What you DOIN’, lady?”

Just about every time I walk into the room, Barney and Bitsy are sound asleep in the wall basket, probably because there’s a heated bed in there. Bitsy always immediately jumps down and runs over to me, but Barney takes a few minutes to fully wake up.

Baby Beans really enjoys the stick end of the feather teaser. I mean, he’ll play with the feather end if you wave it at him, but it makes him kind of nervous.

Baby Beans doesn’t know what’s going on over there but IT BETTER STOP RIGHT NOW.

“What’s that I smell, lady? You got crunchy treats for me?”

Just such a beautiful boy, that Baby Beans.

“You stop looking at that one, lady. You supposed to be petting and kissing ME.”

Still not awake yet, Barney?
“Just another five minutes, lady. I’m not a morning cat.”


Today’s Permanent Resident (still clearing out the folder!): Kara, aka Sheriff Mama.

I actually shot this picture through the fence. Sheriff Mama was SOME kind of displeased that I was outside the back yard. She was FUMING.

Emo Mama.

“You get your behind in this back yard RIGHT NOW, or you’ll be answering to ME!”


“I said GET IN HERE!”

Mama in motion.


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