11-20-17 Monday

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Thank you all so much for your kind words about our loss of Dennis last week. We sure do miss that boy a lot, but are grateful for the time we got to have with him. I keep thinking I see him in his usual spots, and find it more comforting than distressing.


Do you remember this little face?

How about here:

That is Shecky, one of Lucy’s kittens from back in early 2015. Here are some more of my favorite pictures of him.

Shecky standing guard over Skelton.

Well, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out, I have a few current pictures of that silly boy, who is now Gir Shecky. John shared them on Facebook and I grabbed ’em to share with y’all.

(If you hold your phone just right it looks like he is walking on the wall…LOL!!!)

Like mother like son…

Thank you, John – and thanks for letting me share!


Stefan, that big ol’ teddy bear, seems to be taking over the chore of sleeping with me in the mornings (I’ve been waking up to find him sleeping where my legs usually are, and that I’m kind of contorted around him. I’m not sure how that happens, exactly, but it never wakes me up so I have no complaints.) I wonder if the cats drew straws to decide who’d take on the task of snuggling with me in the mornings – and whether Stefan drew the long straw or the short one.

So smug.

Snuggling with Fred during TV time.


Alice was feeling really good one day, rolling around on the rug by the door, doing her yoga stretches, so I made a video. She cracks me up, that girl.

YouTube link


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