8-28-17 Monday

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Some of you might not remember or know this, but way back in 2008, Kara was our very first pregnant cat. She was huge, and she waited about 24 hours and then gave birth to four kittens.

One of those kittens was Inara. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of Kara and Inara.

And here’s a shot of Inara a bit older.

Those are her sister Kaylee’s paws – she reached in and grabbed at Inara just as I took the picture. Cracks me UP.

Inara is now living in Madison, she’s 9 years old – which is amazing to me – and her name is Dora. (When Katherine adopted her, I mentioned that I’d been calling her Dora, because she was a little explorer, and the name stuck.)

She and her brother Baby went to the vet last week for their annual checkups, and it appears that Dora was not pleased with this turn of events.

Isn’t she GORGEOUS? Word has it that she weighs 14 1/2 pounds.

“Hey! RUDE! Don’t tell the innernets how much I weigh!”

Like Kara, Dora is a very muscular cat – and they’re both excellent hunters. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

(Thanks for letting me share, Katherine!)


Stardust is turning into such a little poser. And look at those ears, creaking slowly upward.

Phoenix, keeping an eye on me.

Hubble, also keeping an eye on me. I think he thought he could touch me from there, so maybe not so much on the depth perception just yet.

Telstar, keeping an eye on me also. I must be pretty fascinating.

Aurora streeetching.

Posers. Left to right: Stardust, Telstar, Phoenix.

That boy (Hubble) and his tongue.

Stardust, considering leaving the nest.

Little posers!

Telstar and that tongue.

The kittens are leaving the nest more and more now. Last night, I went in to sit down with Mercury and the kittens and as soon as I spoke to the kittens, Stardust charged out of the nest, came right over to me, and sat and stared at my leg. They’re all completely calm about being picked up and snuggled and they’re not sure what the deal is with kisses, but they withstand kissing with good humor.

I told them the tale of Andouille, the eating-on-his-own-at-18-days-old kitten, but they weren’t at all impressed and seem to be of the opinion that I made it up. They don’t seem inclined to even much leave the area around the nest yet. That’s okay – we’ve got all the time in the world for them to figure that out.


Video! Telstar refuses to say hi – but he does move his ears adorably and looks cute.

YouTube link


Dennis and his gorgeous eyes. Oh, I just cannot stand how beautiful that boy is!


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