7-30-20 Thursday

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Looks like Constance is making a bid to be Da BAYbee.

Rochefort, however, would like you to know that he’s a big boy.

D’Artagnan, that is not how I was hoping you’d pose.

That boy cracks me up.

Winter loves the llama basket.

So does Porthos.

Athos prefers the Cuties box.

It might look like Athos is getting a kiss from Planchet, but trust me – there was biting going on.

Aramis is all “Go away, Porthos, I’m using the scratcher for now. You can have it later.”

It was laundry day and Athos, Porthos and Aramis took it upon themselves to guard the basket from any rogue laundry.

While Constance took advantage of the moment and napped on the laundry in the other basket.

D’Artagnan gives Winter’s foot the ol’ huggeroo.

If I hadn’t mentioned it, I cleaned the cat trees (which had been in the guest bedroom for Cutey and Clyde) and moved them back into the foster room. The kittens are quite pleased, as you can see.


Nap time for Newt.


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7-30-20 Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. D’Artagnan seems like the love child of Beulah (2009, maybe?) and Tony RH Pickle (2012).

  2. Oh would you look at Constance’s wee little round face peering up from the laundry basket. If only I had such an assistant…

  3. Question… how do you clean your cat trees? I have never tried to clean mine, other than occasionally wiping the mounds of cat hair off.

  4. Gah… they are all adorable! That Winter has my heart, she is so fabulously floofy!

    This is what I think is called a shameless plug, but I do recall your saying that you’d vote for our pictures in photo contests, so here goes!! I submitted a photo of my foster kitten, Jelly Bean, to a photo contest a couple weeks ago, and it was selected as a finalist. Please vote for him here so we can win $5000 for the group that rescued him! You can vote once a day. 😀