6-19-11 – Coltrane

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2006ish – June 19, 2011.

Somewhere in his travels between our house and his other home, in the early hours of this morning, Coltrane wandered too close to the road and was hit by a car.

We buried him in the spot where he liked to hang out the most, beside the garden shed. He loved to nap there in the sun.

We’ll miss him an awful lot, especially in the evening when it’s time to feed the pigs. If we never saw Coltrane at any other time, we knew we’d see him then. We’d hear the undergrowth rustling, and he’d slink out to keep us company, talking with his distinctive high-pitched voice. We only knew him for about a year, but it seemed like he’d been part of the Crooked Acres landscape forever.

He was an absolute sweetheart and we are all the better for knowing him, even if only for a short time.




Goodbye, sweet boy.


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  1. What a precious post. Of course, you have me crying now but what a lovely tribute to Coltrance. I am SO sad and sorry about this. (((hugs)))

  2. so so sorry for your loss. Coltrane was one of my favorites – how could anyone resist a buff/orange kitty? He was well loved. ::hugs::

  3. So sorry. You gave Coltrane the best life an outdoor cat could ever want. It had to be so hard to let him outside knowing he could get hurt, but you had to do it in order to give him a life.

  4. I am so sorry about Coltrane! He was a sweet, handsome boy and will be missed! Hugs to everyone at Crooked Acres!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Coltrane…you let him have the best of two worlds…the love and care you give your inside kitties and the freedom to be an outside kitty…and both of you had the happiness of being friends.

  6. Oh my gosh! I am so sad to read this! He knew great love and caring/compassion with you and Ed. I am so sorry for you loss. My heart is breaking for you.

  7. These boys of ours sure leave big foot prints on our hearts. Maybe God decided my Sylvester needed a buddy on the other side of the bridge. I’m sure they’ll have lots of stories to share. I’m so so sorry πŸ™

  8. Heartbreaking. So sorry for your loss. I feed/care for 4 regular outdoor cats; 2 are tame/fixed; 2 will not allow me to touch them. If one misses the late-afternoon can food feeding, I worry that they’ve met with tragedy. But like your Coltrane, if that should happen I will know they had a full belly and experienced human caring.

  9. I sorry to hear this news. At least he knew you and Fred cared for him. May he rest in peace and see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

  10. Oh, no, no, no…poor Coltrane, this breaks my heart. I hate to see this on the road, I cry for them all.
    At first they need us, and then we need them.
    May fond memories of your beloved Coltrane, and all of your catchildren, warm your heart always.
    Wishing you comfort and peace during this difficult time.

  11. So very sorry to hear about Coltrane. All 7 of mine are indoor/outdoor and even though they are street-(car) wise & rarely leave our large yard, it’s still a constant worry. One was lost in 2000 & it broke my heart (she never learned to listen for the cars). Just know he was happy in his life & will be waiting for you at the Bridge.

  12. This is such sad news!I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now,and I feel as if I *know* all your cats.My cats are all indoor/outdoor,and even though I fear something like this happening to them,they would never be completely happy if kept inside.Coltrane obviously had a good life,and I know you will keep his memory alive.

  13. I am sorry for your loss. Coltrane is now a furry angel and will watch over you and your cats forever now. You brought him much joy in the year that you took care of him

  14. I’m so sorry. What a sweet, sweet boy. This breaks my heart. I can’t stand to hear about any kitty leaving us. xoxoxoxoxo to beautiful Coltrane.

  15. So sorry for your loss. He’s now in heaven enjoying a healthy life and making new friends.

  16. Aw I’m so sorry. He was a handsome boy. You gave him a wonderful place to call home for the past year and I’m sure he was grateful.

  17. Robyn, so sorry about Coltrane!! I know you and Fred gave him the best home ever!!! xoxoxo

  18. So so sorry for your loss. That’s how my first cat, Cal, died–and he looked just like Coltrane.

  19. I don’t usually comment, but I had to take a moment to give you my condolences about Coltrane. (We used to have a lovely orange boy whom we miss very much – they’re very special!) I’m so so sorry.

  20. My heart breaks for you all…but I know Coltrane knew he was loved and cared for in the time he knew you and Fred. I’ll miss visiting with him at Crooked Acres ; (

  21. Aww, man. Poor sweet Coltrane. Wishing him lots of catnip and sunbeams in the great cat tree in the sky. My sympathies to both of you. πŸ™

  22. I looked in this morning thinking I would have a little smile for Fathers Day. Now I am crying. I always worried for him and the other roamers, Newt and Maxi. So sorry for your loss. Such a sweet boy.

  23. Sorry for your loss. It is a very small comfort that he knew what a family was like in that last year or so. He deserved to be loved.


  24. RIP Coltrane. We are so very sorry for your loss. I think one of my feral orange boys has met his end, as I haven’t seen him for so long. Maybe him and Coltrane can roam around over the bridge together.

  25. We are so sorry Coltrane was killed and are sending our purrs to comfort you. πŸ™

    (((Hugs))) and kitty kisses from us.

  26. Aw, I’m so sorry. I just went back and read all the entries that mentioned Coltrane (I’ve only been reading a few months) — he was so lucky to have found you and Fred to take care of him! Seems like he had a great last year+ living with you.

  27. Losing a cat is IMO the worst part of cat ownership. But all the love we receive while they are around makes it worth it.

    Coltrane, thank you for being around as long as you were.

  28. I’m so sad to hear this – what a grief.

    Looking at his pictures, I’m struck by his beautiful eyes – such a warm butterscotch color.

  29. Oh Robyn!! πŸ™ Me and Charlie are so so so so so so sad to hear about Coltrane! What a tragedy. We are so sorry. Please please take care and hugs to all your kitties. xx

  30. Poor Poor Coltrane, and love and hugs to you too. It’s the one thing that keeps all cat owners awake at night with worry.

    I hope you’re doing ok with it, as useless as that sounds…

  31. Oh I’m so very sorry. He was such a handsome little guy. Many, many hugs robyn.

  32. Oh, poor, sweet, handsome Coltrane, and poor Robyn too. I’m sure you’ve already done so, but go hug some other kitties….

  33. I’m so, so sorry Robyn. No matter how long you know a pet, it’s still devastating to lose them. Rest in peace, handsome little man.

  34. P.S. If you feel like it, go to my blog and do a search on the name “Fennec.” You’ll see photos of the new kitten we just adopted, who looks like he might grow up to be a handsome Coltrane!

  35. I’m so sorry Robyn! My love to you & Fred and Coltrane’s furry family.

  36. So sorry for your loss of such a sweet kitty. He has now crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.

  37. So sorry to hear about Coltrane. What a handsome boy he was, and I love his face in the photo with the kitten (one of the Bradys?) — slightly sleepy and thus willing to tolerate the intrusion. Hope you guys are doing okay.

  38. I’m so sorry, the loss of a furry friend is so hard. Thank you for having made him our friend too.

  39. I’m so sorry. I always loved seeing pictures and hearing about him. It’s obvious he was a sweet kitty.

  40. I am so sorry about Coltrane. I am fond of the orange boys too. One thing I really admire about you and Fred is how you allow the cats to be who they are to the best of your abilities.

  41. I am so sorry for your loss. I am so glad he had you and Fred for the time he did. He knows the very best in cat life.

  42. Wahhhh we love(d) Coltrane. I’m sure he’s going to love the RB though. *hugs*

  43. So sorry for your loss. I loved Coltrane, such a beautiful cat. You gave him a great life in that short period of time and now he is watching over you – and will probably direct some other cats to your house for care and comfort.

  44. Beautiful boy…so heartbreaking. Hugs to you and Fred who loved him so much!

  45. I am a faithful follower of yours and when I read the news about Coltrane it broke my heart. I am very sorry for your loss. He was a very beautiful boy.

  46. I’m so sorry for your loss. You and Fred really enriched his life the past year… and prevented him from fathering any kittens who just might have ended up with miserable lives. So sorry he’s gone…

  47. I’m so sorry for your loss. Words cannot express how I feel for you, at least not better than the tear that rolled down my cheek just reading your sad yet uplifting words.

  48. So sorry to hear about your loss. However, my ex just found a ginger kitten today and is going to keep it. seems like life comes around again.

  49. Very sorry to read the sad news about Coltrane. He was a beautiful orange guy. It was nice that you were able to give him a good life for the time you knew him.

    I tried to take a look at his story under the Permanent Residents to refresh my memory of him, but discovered that his story and a number of the other residents now require a Yahoo login. Flickr must have changed some settingss at some point. The Current and Previous fosters do not appear to require the login.

  50. Rest in Peace Coltrane. I am so sorry to hear of your passing. And for you Robyn and hubby… So sorry.

  51. I can only speak for myself,but after reading your blog for a few years,I feel as if I *know* your cats,and when something good or bad happens to them,it’s like it’s happening to one of mine.This is so sad,but he definitely had a good life with you guys.All 4 my cats are indoor/outdoor cats,and the chances are always there for something bad to happen to them,but it’s the lifestyle that makes them happy,so all we can do is enjoy them while they are with us.

  52. My eyes are filled with tears. I am so sorry for your loss. I know that you meant a lot to him, as well, as he came to visit every day. R.I.P. dear little one. Know that many will miss you.

    I am so glad that you all found him and gave him a loving resting place. Not knowing is terrible.

    Huge hugs to you and Fred.

  53. Darn it! I got nervous when I saw that you did a Sunday post because you usually don’t post on Sundays. Poor Coltrane. If only we could teach them to stay away from the street. You gave him a loving place to come to. I’m sorry for your loss Robyn and Fred.

  54. Oh Robyn, I’m so sorry for your loss. Loved that face of his and thank you for giving him a great life in the time that you had him.

  55. πŸ™ Poor Coltrane… he was so lucky though to have shown up on your doorstep, he was a very smart kitty for doing that!

  56. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this sad news! Losing a pet in such a sudden manner is one of the hardest things I’ve faced. Please take good care of yourselves and all of your other critters.

  57. I am so sorry for your loss…just this weekend we had a close call with our Coltrane. He spent 2 nights at the vet on an IV. Maybe he was sensing something was wrong with your Coltrane? It’s terrible to lose a pet, it’s like losing a family member. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  58. My heart aches for you. It is very hard to lose a pet; whether by accident or due to illness – we here hope your hearts heal quickly.

  59. I’ve only seen the news now. Oh no, Coltrane! πŸ™ I’m so, so sorry.

  60. Very, very sorry to hear about Coltrane. He was such a handsome boy. My sympathies to you all on losing one of your kitty friends. It always just breaks my heart when I see animals of any kind who have been hit by cars.

  61. Dear Robyn, Fred and all at Crooked Acres,
    I’ve only just seem this – sorry it took me till Tuesday oz time).
    Commiserations and sympathies for the loss of a family member.
    It doesn’t matter if they are with us for a year, a month, or a week, they settle straight in our hearts.
    Goodbye beautiful Coltrane, see you around soon, yeah?
    Robyn & Fred he knew he had come home this last year, you better believe it.
    Lita xoxoxo

  62. Oh, you guys. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know he will be missed by not only you, but all of us faithful Bitchypoo readers. Rest in peace, Coltrane.