4-17-18 Tuesday

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Here’s a little Stardust to brighten up your day!

(Thanks, Debra!)


Deanzilla on babysitting duty.

Kristi in the pie plate.

Floofy tuxie girls Katarina (left) and Oksana.

“HI innernets, hi!”

Line ’em up!

Granny and her floofy tuxie grandbabies.

This Mouse Cat House was a gift from Andre (formerly Andouille) and Bella (formerly Beignet – you can see them both on Facebook!), who have grown too big for it. The kittens think it is AWESOME. It did come with two dangling black balls that are meant to look like eyes, but yesterday they chewed one of them off and were in the process of chewing the other one off when I opted to cut it down. (You can get your own mouse house here if you’d like.)

Oh, how I adore that floofy Oksana.

Picabo, trying to wake up.

Debi. This girl just kills me.

Breakfast is served!

Ohno, kitten surfing.


Video! Brian Boitano snoopervises – and gets bowled over in the process.

YouTube link

Also, we went live on YouTube for an hour last night, if you’re looking for something to distract you from working! (I’m borrowing a better livestream camera – a Mevo – from a friend, and don’t really have the hang of it yet, so there were some accidental closeups on the carpet at several points.)

YouTube link


The sheriff’s on her coffee break. (Psst! As it happens, today marks 10 years since I first posted about Kara and she had her kittens!)


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4-17-18 Tuesday — 15 Comments

  1. Biran – looks like a chameleon as he is walking around with those extra toes. Also, you would think they would help the little fella with traction on your wood floors. But alas, no.

    Once again, I see your babies DO NOT have ANY food or toys. Don’t make me report you!

    Those babies are getting BIG f-a-s-t! Just send me Ohno and Tessa…ok, add in Katarina, too!!!

  2. Brian and his big ol’ paws are too funny, wobbling around the maze of big kittens and the odd scattered toy (really Robyn? I agree with GD. You think you could spring for an extra toy or two, what with having 2 litters on the go) and trying not to get in the way.

    Kara was a mama! She may have no use for them now, but I bet she was a good mother, what with her sweet face and sheriffing ways.

  3. Dhas Katia developed extreme camera phobia? Have barely seen her lately. Has she warmed up or still have that super feral vibe?

    Missing some permanent residence shenanigans too. Anyone try to climb the cat fence? Sneak put or find more presents to bring home? Any detente among the boys?

  4. I am so glad that the kittens like the mouse. It was too neat of a toy not to have kittens climbing in and out of it.

  5. 11 years!!! Not possible. I remember seeing her pretty face and gorgeous fur and wanted Kara to come live with us sooooo much. When I think of the crimes these three get away with I know things would be different if we had a resident sheriff.

  6. Poor Brian Boitano! But really, you asked if those floofy girls ran over him, and they were like, “Humph, obviously we need to show you a second time!!” 😀

    • At least the girls provided a lot of padding! Maybe it felt like getting hit with a couple of marshmallows?

    • Ha. Poor little Brian Boitano is all “WTF just happened?” Girls are all “wait, there was something there? Oh well.”

  7. I have a really random thank you for you. A while ago I was reading about Kokomo – such a pretty girl, her pretend kittens would have been beautiful! A few weeks ago I was looking for restaurant suggestions in Canberra (capital of Australia), went to TripAdvisor, and the first hit was a restaurant called Kokomo’s! I was sure one of Robyn’s cats wouldn’t send me wrong, so I booked it. Kokomo’s turned out to be a BRILLIANT Hawai’ian-Japanese seafood restaurant, so thanks for the recommendation, Kokomo you BEAUTIFUL FAKER!