Ellie-Belly didn’t want to go to the pet store yesterday. She tried hiding in a box.

She tried charming me by falling asleep with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.

All to no avail. I went upstairs to hang with Punki and Felicia (I let Elle hang out in the house Monday and yesterday morning), and as always, when she heard me approach the foster room, Elle came running. I sat and snuggled with her, and let her eat, and then I kissed her behind the ear, apologized, and stuffed her in the cat carrier. She kept quiet most of the way to the pet store, occasionally letting me know she was not happy about this development. Once we were in the cat room, I let her out of the carrier, and she didn’t act scared at all. Skittles, on the other hand, was hiding in the kitty condo in their cage, and wouldn’t come out. Poor monkey.

Keep your fingers crossed that she gets adopted this weekend, y’all. I’m only so strong.


Miss Stinky likes to hang out on the wall between the kitchen and dining room to keep an eye on things.


2006: “Whyfor haff you stopped petting me, Lady? WOE IS ME!”
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