I got an email from the shelter manager Saturday night (it was addressed to all the pet store volunteers) letting us know that Punki had thrown up blood, went to the vet, and the vet said that she was constipated and had possibly eaten something (maybe off one of those feather-on-a-stick toys), so she (the vet) put her (the Punki) on a laxative and antibiotics.

After dithering and talking to Fred and dithering a little more, I decided that I’d take Skittles with me this morning, leave her in the cage with Felicia, and then bring Punki home with me. The volunteers are really, really good, but I think it’s a given that someone might forget to give her her medication, and at least this way we’ll know that Punki’s getting her medication and she can recover in a relaxing atmosphere.

Robyn, you are saying, isn’t Skittles a skittish little scaredy cat? Why are you taking her to the pet store instead of Elle? And to you I say, because I really like Elle (NO we’re not adopting her!) and I have started calling her Ellie Belly and I want to have her around for a little while longer, so shaddup.

I feel bad for Skittles, because she is a skittish little scaredy cat and very nervous, and I hate taking her to the pet store and leaving her there, because I know her number one move will be to hide in the litter box and look pathetic. But she’s very pretty – I love her swirly pattern – and I will make clear in her description that she’s a skittish little monkey and hopefully someone will fall in love with her and take her home.

Fingers crossed!

Ellie-Belly, sleeping in Fred’s desk chair.


Miss Momma (Maxi) spends almost every evening on this couch. I love the way she’s laying with her feet pressed against the back of the couch.


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