Yesterday, in the course of a few hours, Fred came home sick from work (everything in his body was fleein’ the interview), I started getting a sore throat and feeling fuzzy-headed, and once we were both feeling poorly, Stinkerbelle began vomiting blood. She’d vomited several times during the day (though we didn’t know it was her because all we were finding were the puddles of vomit with no cat around) and then she wouldn’t eat at snacktime (a rarity, because she’s the biggest pig of them all) and then Fred found her in the process of vomiting, and there was a LOT of blood.

We took her to the emergency vet, because we always (I always, really) tend toward the OMIGOD SHE’S DYING! hysteria when it comes to the cats. After an examination and hearing about the foster kitties doing the same thing, the vet said he thought it was most likely a virus. They could have done the x-ray and blood tests, but he seemed pretty confident that it was a virus (the blood was bright red, which meant it was from irritation of her esophagus; if there’d been blood in her stomach, it would have been darker and would have looked like coffee grounds) and offered up something to coat her throat and soothe the irritation, and an antibiotic just in case, so we went that route.

(A side note on Stinkerbelle: (1) She is SO SMART. Almost every time she vomited yesterday, it was near the litter box. All the other cats just barf wherever they happen to be, but our smart girl knew that you’re supposed to vomit in (near) the toilet! (2) I was sure there was going to be a real issue with a strange person touching her – I thought she’d probably growl and hiss and fight like crazy, but she was an ANGEL. (3) The vet tech said that Stinkerbelle was a beautiful cat, and I could see Fred’s ego swell to twice its size.)

This morning, Stinkerbelle is acting like her old self (though she did vomit a little after eating), Fred is feeling a thousand times better, and my sore throat is mostly gone.


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