12-11-20 Friday

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The 2021 Vittles calendar is FINALLY done and ready for purchase.

Click on that image to go straight to the Zazzle page to order the Vittles calendar, or click here. In addition, each of the calendars are linked over there in the sidebar to the right (or I guess below if you’re looking at this on a mobile device), or you can see all the calendars here.

I’ll remind you over the next couple of weeks that calendars are available, and then I’ll drop it and never speak of them again after, say, January 2nd (at least not ’til it’s time for the 2022 calendars!)


Where do you get your extra long kitty springs? My Steven adores springs, but loses the short ones constantly. I haven’t found his stash yet.

Those are actually binding coils – I won some extra-long springs on an online auction, and got to looking around for more. These are the ones I got, but if you look around (or search on eBay), they come in different colors.


I saw just the top of the heads of the 2 kitties in your 1st photo & thought HOORAY! two more kitties adopted & together! Very disappointed when I read that no, it wasn’t so. But I agree it is a great photo!

Well, those two ARE adoption pending, they just haven’t gone home yet (they’re going home later this morning.)


Do your kitties ever climb the trees in the backyard? If not, is it because you have anti-climb devices? Tell us more!

When they’re feeling wild, they run about 10 feet up one particular tree, hang there for a few moments, and then hop down. The only tree I am worried about them climbing is the one right next to the screened porch (because they could conceivably end up on the roof of the porch). Fred put aluminum flashing around the tree so that they can’t climb that one. But so far, like I said, they just go about 10 feet up and then drop back down.


French Fry is velvety soft.

Annie Oakley pretends I’m not there.

Fritter takes a nap on my feet.

Shenanigans abound.

Hush Puppy has a moment to himself.

Fritter’s all “Why you all the way over there, lady? I needs a kiss.”

If you look very closely, you can see the tip of French Fry’s tongue sticking out.

Napping with kittens.

Sleepy little muffins.


This is your last raffle reminder!

The Forgotten Felines of Huntsville auction page is raffling off this Fancy Couch, made by FF supporter Holly, who will ship it directly to the winner.

It costs $5 per entry into the raffle (and you can enter as many times as you’d like!) Check out the auction page, or if you prefer not to do the Facebook thing, just send $5 per entry to forgottenfelineshsv (at) yahoo.com via the “sending to friends” option (to avoid fees) and note that it’s for the raffle. Saturday evening we’ll draw a winner, with the help of one (or several) Vittles kittens. All proceeds benefit the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville spay/neuter fund.

Good luck!


Charlie and Jake have a snuggle.


2019: I also printed this bee butt picture, which I took when we lived at Crooked Acres.
2018: Tank and LoJack ready to nap – with LoJack in mid-flop.
2017: Tour of Shady Cove.
2016: Nothing personal, Archie, but you could use some work on your nap time companion skills. Step one: more snuggling, less personal space.
2015: But Alice is like “::FUME:: Look at her standing there in the middle of the room LIKE SHE OWNS THE PLACE.”
2014: The ear of (slight) annoyance.
2013: More attitude from the Carm.
2012: They sniffed around wildly for a while, and then decided it was okay, this strange room where (they seemed to think) they’d never been before.
2011: Gracie is a good watchdog.
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2009: Look at him, looking so innocent when he was JUST biting that tail right in front of him and making his sister cry!
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2007: “How ’bout you rub the belly instead?”
2006: Noelle with troll hair.
2005: No entry.



12-11-20 Friday — 6 Comments

  1. Just ordered my 3 calendars last night including the one you just finished! I was so excited to see it on the site!!

  2. Charlie and Jake in the bro hug! Killing me dead much too early in the morn! You take such great pics, you are my hero!

  3. You have convinced me that Allie needs a fancy couch! I’ll be watching tomorrow evening to see and the designated kitten(s) draw my name! 😉

  4. Jake and his little brother Charlie snuggling…oh, my heart!

    You can almost feel how soft French Fry must be just by looking at him through the screen! He’s dreamy…

  5. Woohoo! I got your holiday card yesterday-that was fast! It seems like I only submitted my address 3 days ago. I CERTAINLY agree with your sentiment on this year’s card. Maybe this year I’ll get my act together and send a card in return