11-24-22 Happy Thanksgiving!

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Francesca the Turkey wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving! (Unless you’re not the United States, in which case she wishes you a Happy Thursday!)

Not only is it Thanksgiving, it’s also Thlurrrpsday, so in that vein…

Francesca and Nacho get their thlurrrp on while Kim has a think, and Saul sniffs around trying to figure out what everyone is so excited about.

Then Nacho and Kim get thlurrrpy.

And lastly, the kittens know their thlurrrping skills are a pale imitation of their mother’s, so they just let her shine.


Not ONLY is it Thanksgiving and Thlurrrpsday, it’s also Throw Back Thursday, so here are a few throw back pictures of some of the permanent residents wearing that turkey hat.

Archie in 2015.

Frankie in 2017.

Alice, also in 2017.

And Newt, from 2021.

Of course, from 2009, the perennial favorite:

“Are you sure they said 11:00? I don’t see anything in there but a roasting pan. Are we too early?”

(That picture was taken back in 2009, the first and last year we ever raised turkeys. I always say that God created chickens and then he said “Huh. I wonder if I could make something dumber than a chicken” and he did.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Did you know that this silly, sweet, lovable girl is available for adoption? She is! She was recently diagnosed with Glomerular Disease, which is a kidney disease that will require medication, a special diet, and regular visits to the vet. (She is currently taking one small pill every day; she’s been on it for 6 weeks now, and her numbers have improved in just that short period of time.)⁠

Kim Wexler – DOB August 1, 2014 – was an owner turn-in at our local animal control facility. She had 5 very small kittens of her own when she came to us on August 1st, and shortly after also took on the care of a kitten who’d been left behind by his own mother. Now that her kittens are nearly 4 months old, Kim is pretty sure it’s time for HER to be the baby!⁠

Kim is the absolute sweetest, most chill girl with a wide playful streak. She loves snoozing the day away in various spots (she particularly likes to sit and look out the window), and occasionally race through the house, play with toys, and otherwise entertain herself. She loves to be petted – and especially scritched under her chin and behind her ears, and loves to be held for short periods of time. She doesn’t understand when the humans try to kiss her – she thinks it’s weird – but she will tolerate it. She has been spayed, microchipped, and is up to date on her vaccinations.⁠

We are located in Huntsville, Alabama. Out-of-state adoptions are allowed, but the adopter MUST be willing to come here to complete the adoption. Please email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire about adopting Kim Wexler.⁠

Did you realize that Saul is still available for adoption? Well, he is!⁠

Saul (DOB July 27, 2022) is a boy with crazy eyes, a love for his special green bean toy, and a need for speed. It takes him a minute to warm up to new people and new situations, but once he does, he’s a crazy little sweetheart. He has the sweetest purr and once he trusts you, he will roll around on his back and purr for you while you pet him. He’s a playful guy who adores a track toy, but his very favorite form of play is to carry a green bean catnip toy around in his mouth while growling at his sisters to back off. He doesn’t want to share his toy, thank you very much – though if you reach out and take it away from him, he doesn’t hold a grudge, just waits for you to toss it for him. He also likes to chase ping pong balls across the room or down the hallway. He would do well with other cats – if you’re looking for a pair, he’s great friends with both his sisters, Nacho and Francesca.⁠

Saul has been neutered and is up to date on all his vaccinations. We are located in Huntsville, Alabama; out of area adoptions are allowed, but the adopter must come here to complete the adoption. If Saul sounds like your kinda kittyfriend, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.⁠ ⁠

FRANCESCA (DOB July 27, 2022) is a wild girl who will leap into the air after any toys you toss for her. She’s particularly fond of ping pong balls (she’ll catch them before they have a chance to bounce), but will FLY up after pretty much any toy you want to toss – and once she catches it, she’ll bat it around for a while and then look to you to toss her another toy. She’s got a quick purr, loves to be petted, and will always curl up against you for a quick nap. She gets along great with other cats (if you’re looking for a pair of kittens, she’s especially good buddies with her sister Nacho, but also gets along well with her brother Saul) and is pretty interested in any other cats that she spots. ⁠

Francesca has been spayed, is ID chipped, and is up to date on her vaccinations. We are located in Huntsville, Alabama; out of area adoptions are allowed, but you must come here to complete the adoption. If she sounds like your kinda kittyfriend, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.⁠

IGNACIA/NACHO (DOB July 27, 2022) is a super-playful girl who loves it when you toss toys for her. We’re pretty sure she’s got springs for knees, because she bounces far higher than you’d ever expect. All you have to do to get her attention is wave a toy around, and she sits at attention waiting for you to toss it for her. She’s never met a toy she didn’t like, but is partial to ping pong balls, soft toys she can carry around, and lightweight toys she can send flying across the room with one smack. She can be a skittish girl; new people and new situations make her nervous at first, but once she realizes they’ll throw toys for her or play with her, she relaxes and drops her guard. She gets along great with other cats, and if you’re looking for a pair of kittens, she’s especially good friends with her sister Francesca, but gets along great with her brother Saul, too.⁠

Nacho is spayed, ID chipped, and up to date on her vaccinations. We are located in Huntsville, Alabama – out of area adoptions are allowed, but you must come here to complete the adoption. If she sounds like your kinda kittyfriend, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.⁠

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Naptime bathtime. Baths for everyone but Francesca (though now that I’ve said that, Saul’s not actually getting a bath, just giving one.)

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We’re tossin’ toys, we’re leapin’ like crazy things. Just another day in the foster room!

Good night innernets. (Nacho, left, and Saul)


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11-24-22 Happy Thanksgiving! — 10 Comments

  1. we had 2 cows, some chickens and turkeys when I was a teen. The cows we had to put dog tags on because the always seemed to find their way out- once they arrived at a butcher shop down the road. that phone call was funny.
    but turkeys are in a league of their own. they’d drown looking up at the pretty rain. good thing they are delicious. snort

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Robyn, Fred, perms and fosters! While I hope for your sake a turkey doesn’t fall from the sky today, I at least hope for “partial showers” for the cats and kittens!

    • Happy Thanksgiving Robyn, Fred,, and all the four-legged babies in your household! Love the pictures and your description of the Turkey lack of smarts, lol ! I’m thankful for what you do and your knowledge and sense of humor. Enjoy your day.

    • Ooooo Robyn, with regard to turkeys falling from the sky, please, please, please repost the story about the chicken you were cooking falling on the floor and the kitty (can’t remember who) that thought all his kitty prayers had come true. Did I remember to say please? Happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.

  3. Robyn does out of state mean out of country?? 🙂

    Not in a place to have cats at the moment but if I could I would definitely have Nacho and Saul… I have a soft spot for cats with their colour scheme!

    Nacho would be renamed to Pippin as that was the name of the first cat that I ever had and she shared the same colour scheme as Nacho…

    • I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t know that Forgotten Felines would allow kittens to go as far as the UK. That’s an awfully long plane ride! 🙂

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, MizRobyn. Thank you for another year of helping kitties and your readers with all the cheering pictures and adoption stories. Our kitties are busy “snoopervising” our TD preparations and so I hope you have lot of helpful paws in your day too

  5. I’m always thankful for happy, healthy cats, but I’d be extra thankful if some great adopters would come along STAT and adopt the rest of Los Gatos Hermanos, especially Kim Wexler, so nobody has to go to Petsmart!