9-20-17 Wednesday

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We have an update! You all remember, I am sure, Norbert (Norbie) the little orphan who just happened to come to us when Khaleesi was in the midst of giving birth to her own kittens. She was puzzled by this new kitten, but took him on as her very own.

(Mother cats are the MOST amazing creatures!)

Here is a random picture of Norbie as a little one, and you can read the story of Khaleesi, her kittens, and the introduction of Norbie here.

Somehow, it has been FOUR years since Norbie went home to Chicago (Kirsten drove down to get him!) and this is how that gorgeous boy looks now.

Intently watching birds.

This is a rare occurrence.

Crazy eyes.

Helloooo ladeeeeezzz! Belleh is ready for rubbins.

What? Is comfortable in underwear drawer.

Goofball side.

Debonair side.

Norbie is a daily joy as usual!

Thank you so much for the update, Kirsten – we love seeing that sweet boy!


Can you believe that Mercury’s Missions are SIX weeks old? Time is just racing by. They’re turning into real cats now – they use the litter box like champs, they eat on their own, they race around like their tails are on fire. They are not, unfortunately, skittering at each other despite my constant suggestions that they do so. Hopefully they’re just late bloomers when it comes to skittering – because you KNOW how I love a skittery kitten!

Here are their progression pics – 5 hours old, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 weeks old.

I don’t think they’ve changed much in the last week – their faces are maybe a little less round and their ears might be a bit bigger, but they look pretty much the same.

Here they are when they aren’t dangling from my hand.






The kittens’ eyes started changing in the last week and a half, and I managed to get pictures that show pretty well their current eye color – well, their current eye color as of yesterday, anyway.

Aurora’s eyes are mostly blue, still.

Hubble – about half and half; turning green, but still blue around the edge.

Phoenix – almost completely green.

Stardust – about half green, half blue. And PRETTY.

Telstar – mostly blue, but some definite green coming in.

I’m not making any promises, but I’ll try to get more eyeball pictures for next week!

You can’t really see them all, but all five kittens are in the top of that little cat tree.

Mama is happy to have a few minutes of peace.


Video! Mama Mercury just wants a quiet drink of water, but between Telstar and Stardust treating her like a jungle gym, and Phoenix sliding out of the closet and being surprised that her mother is right there, it’s hijinx all around.

YouTube link


Newt on the patio, tired of my nonsense.


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