2-13-18 Tuesday

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I got the awesome news last night!

Our boy is going to a wonderful home where he’ll have two kitty sisters to play with, and will be (I guarantee you) spoiled rotten! Hurray, Hubble!!!


I had a few requests for a picture of The Loon, so here he is.

There are no problems with Jake, he’s doing fine, going along in his usual loony way, he just haaates the camera. He hates it so much that you’d think I regularly throw it at him. I don’t throw it at anyone, that camera was far too expensive and I handle it with kid gloves. But the instant he sees it, he scurries off like something terrifying is about to happen. I had to sneak up on him to get that picture above, and the instant he realized what was going on, off he went.

So that’s why you rarely see pictures of him. I’d share his loony face every day if he’d just sit still and let me take his picture.

Frankie, deciding his next move.

Alice Mo and her toe beans.

It’s just such a rough life for a Stefan.

I swear Newt spends 50% of his time hanging out in the bathroom. I can’t blame him – that room gets sun all day long.

I vacuumed, so Khal fled upstairs to take refuge on Fred’s desk.

Pretty Sheriff Mama in the bathroom. Who’d have guessed the bathroom would turn out to be so popular?


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