2-12-18 Monday

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Saturday night, Fred asked me to sit in his recliner for a minute. I did, and this happened immediately:

Not only did Khal stomp up into my lap and settle in on the pillow, he stayed there while I petted him, while I tipped him back and forth (just to see what he’d put up with), and in fact he’d probably still be there if I hadn’t needed to get up. No hesitation, no nervousness. That chair has clearly become his safe space!


Sleepin’ Dewbs and his toeses.

Snoozin’ Sheriff Mama (Kara), asleep on the job AGAIN.

Alice in the sun with attitude.

Stefan on the table, as usual. I love that you can see his reflection in the window.

Frankie has really taken to sleeping between those two pillows on the guest bed.

He’s also a fan of Fred’s bedroom.

Stefan and Khal on Fred’s lap. First Stefan is all “DO YOU BELIEVE THIS.”

Then Khal gives a smug look.


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