1-10-18 Wednesday

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To answer the question several of you have had lately: I don’t know when we’ll have kittens again. First of all, we’re still settling in. Secondly, someone needs to fix this mess:

I am the one who needs to finish putting that room together, but my motivation level is hovering around zero at the moment. But that’s okay, because most importantly, this mess needs to be dealt with:

Carpet needs to be replaced by hardwood, walls need to be repainted, and most of the racks need to be removed (I’ll leave the rack around the top), because that’s where litter boxes will go. Also, the door to the room (it’s a pocket door; this house is lousy with them, which I LOVE) needs to be straightened. All of that will happen, but not at once. I initially told Fred that I wanted the room ready by the end of January, but I’m thinking mid-February is more likely.

WE’LL GET ‘EM WHEN WE GET ‘EM, is what I’m saying. Be patient, it’ll happen eventually!

PS: See in that second picture, where there’s a gap between the built-in cabinet to the left, and the built-in desk to the right? There will be a small couch there and I am VERY excited by that. I had initially wanted a futon, but the space measures 60 inches across, and I wasn’t able to find a futon that would fit the space since they’re all wider than that. Instead, there will be a small couch.


To answer another question that many people have asked: yes, the screened porch has pet screen in it. We ordered it from Amazon (it took all of one roll and about 20 feet from a second roll). The screen door we had at the bottom of the stairs at Crooked Acres had pet screen on the bottom and regular screen on the top, and you could really tell the difference. Also, Challenger’s House has a screened porch at the shelter, and despite heavy usage for 10+ years, the screen looks pretty much untouched. None of our cats have challenged the screen yet, but I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.

You can buy your own here (that’s an affiliate link). Lowe’s and Home Depot may also carry it.


I got a surprise in the mail the other day:

No, not Kara – the quilt! My mother made me a quilt, and I had no idea it was coming. Isn’t it beautiful? Check out the other side:


I love it so much!!


This will be hanging in the hall right outside the foster room door, sent to me by my sister:

How perfect is that?


I ran across this picture the other day and had to awww.

From 2008: Tommy, Sugarbutt and Joe Bob on the counter waiting for snack time to happen (and smack-talking each other, it looks like.)


Despite his propensity for grabbing and biting, everyone seems to like hanging out near Stefan.

“You MIND, lady?”

Even Alice.

And his frenemy Archie. (Those Earses of Annoyance are directed at me, not Stefan.)


Sheriff Kara’s in charge of snoopervising new quilts.


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