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(For the new readers, a “Flookdate” is an update on Flynn (formerly Kohle) and Hook (formerly Puff), both of whom were our fosters, though at different times.)

Selena says:

Flynn is cracking me up this morning. He is all about making sure Hook isn’t getting into anything he isn’t suppose too. Hook has finally learned to jump on the kitchen counters and it just makes Flynn crazy because he knows that kitties aren’t allowed up there. (Even though Flynn likes to lay up there with me while I wash dishes.) Here are two pictures I just took with Flynn trying to keep Hook out of trouble!

He’s like look mom I got the little brat. He won’t bother anything while I’ve got him! He’s not going anywhere!

He’s a mess but he sure is a handsome boy!

Hook is getting so big! It won’t be long before he can’t squeeze in with big brother.

Can you believe how much he’s grown? Fred didn’t believe me, at first, that that “grown cat” was Hook/Puff!

Thanks for the update and pictures, Selena! You know I love ’em. 🙂

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The other day, I noticed that the Azalea bushes in our front flower beds were blooming.

That’s Dr. Melfi. See, Kelly? She DOES exist! (And she’s adorable.)

Tony did not react at ALL to having something on his head. This bodes well for his future as a model.

“What? Why you laughin’ at me, lady? Why you keep tellin’ me I am the cutest boy ever?”

Paulie Walnuts wasn’t havin’ it. “This color not match my furs, lady.”

Livia said “I am not EVEN going to ask what’s going on. I think ignorance is the way to go at this point.”

Sweet little Carmela.

I think this color goes perfectly with Meadow’s fur.

“I do feel pretty fabulous!”

Adriana’s heading off for lunch with Mama.

I put the flower on Livia’s head, but before I could get a picture, she shook her head and the flower went flying. She’s not up for that nonsense, obviously.

Carmela goes for the mysterious look.

Over the weekend, the kittens spent more time out of the crate than in it. I put a cat bed in front of the crate (so that tiny Tony would have an easier time of getting out of the crate and then back in, if he so desired), and they were usually either all curled up in the cat bed, or some of them were in the cat bed and the others were inches away, just inside the crate. One of the blankets on the floor had been peed on, so I think it’s time to get the little litter boxes out and encourage some litter box exploration.

Just in the past few days, they’ve gone from looking like wee baby kittens to looking like miniature cats. They get around better every day, and now when one of them is “lost” across the room, I can speak to them, and they’ll turn around, see me, and come toddling back.

I LOVE them at this age!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If she’s not hanging out in the garage, Maxi can usually be found hanging out in her house on the front porch. She’s reliable, is our Maxi.


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