1-5-18 Friday

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Kara has a much softer look about her when she’s Sheriffing in the house as opposed to out in the yard where she used to look much sterner. Could it be she’s mellowing a bit? I suppose it might get me arrested if I assaulted the officer by smooching her on each of those adorable cheeks… but the jail time would be totally worth it.

Oh, she’s not mellowing one little bit – and she is DYING to get back outside! She spends her days running from room to room to keep an eye on everyone (humans and cats), occasionally flopping down for a nap. It’s probably a good thing there are so many cats for her to check on, she might get bored otherwise!


Alice seems positively delighted with the new house. Is she more mellow or am I just reading too much into the contented photos??

I’d say she’s about the same level of mellow as she was at Crooked Acres. She’s one of the cats we have who really enjoyed being outside at Crooked Acres, but I also think would be just fine if she never went outside again. As long as she’s got some sun and her Daaaaaaaaaaaaddyyyyyyyyy and Jake and Dewey don’t chase her around too much, she’s happy.

By the way, speaking of Alice – 7 years ago she was meeting the Brady kittens. She was SO TINY!


We have another wonderful update to end the week! Remember Maggie, who birthed SIX babies while she was with us in 2011, and went on to mother the Spice Girls as well while she was with us?

Alex says:

Greetings from Wisconsin!

It’s been a while since I sent Maggie pictures, so I wanted to share a few.

Maggie continues to be a wonderful cat. She gets along great with her two brothers, and more importantly, she is the only cat in the house who tolerates the toddler. She lets Henry pet her even when that leads to a little tail pulling. Overall, Maggie is great and is wishing everyone a happy new year.

This is Maggie’s impression of Godzilla.

Maggie dedicated to fitness by laying on my gym bag.

Really…she wanted to be part of this selfie.

Maggie getting some toddler lovin’.

Thank you so much for the update and the pictures, Alex!

(Maggie has such an expressive, serious little face, doesn’t she? Love that girl!)


A random assortment of permanent residents.

Kara, taking a break before patrolling the upstairs once again.

We’ve been calling Khal “Floompy” a lot lately. If you recall, there was a kitten – Privet, back in the fall of 2016 – we also called Floompy. She showed up at Crooked Acres while I was away, and Fred trapped her and brought her inside. I’ll have to do some side by side pictures, because we’re 100% convinced that Khal must be Privet’s father. (He wasn’t neutered when he showed up, you’ll recall.)

One of the Sheriff’s favorite places to rest. This table is across from the top of the stairs, and Kara can sit there and watch any cats who come up the front stairs or down the hall. It’s a good location for a speed trap, is what I’m saying.

We had joy, we had fun, we had Dewber (and his toes) in the sun.

I don’t want to brag, y’all, but I got the super special Extra Frankie edition of the Cat Lady Box this month!

Archie, mid ::thlurrrp::

Stefan, in a rare moment of repose. I wish he wasn’t such a ball of stress.


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