2-15-16 Monday

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If you’re interested, I spent the past week posting old posts about a litter from 2007 – the Ka-Tet. Six kittens from two litters, three brown tabbies and three orange tabbies. They were about two months old when I got them, and were only intended to be with us for a little while since adoptions had recently picked up. Except for Callahan (who was adopted quickly), all of them went off to Petsmart and then ended up coming back here for a round of medication for Giardia (which didn’t show up until they were at Petsmart). They were a fun bunch of kittens – Eddie Dean, especially, was a wild one. Fred nicknamed him “Crazy Eddie”, and for a few years afterward when we’d get a particularly wild brown tabby, he’d call him or her Crazy Eddie.

Eddie Dean was actually returned back in 2012 for reasons I don’t recall (probably something in the moving/baby/allergies/divorce genre), and then was adopted back out.

Two things of note: 1) back in 2007 I was terrible about identifying kittens in posts. I can tell the three orange tabbies apart, but not the three brown tabbies. I’m sure at the time I knew who was who, but it’s been almost 9 years, and I have no idea now. 2) I was less stringent about cleaning kitten ears in 2007 than I am now, apparently. I’d like to jump in a time machine and go back and CLEAN THOSE EARS, because they look awful. I considered photoshopping the gunk out of their ears, but that was going to take forever since there were 200+ pictures of them, so I left them as is. Just know that I would NEVER let kittens run around with ears like that these days.

You can read about the Ka-Tet starting here (you know about the “next” links at the tops and bottoms of each page to get to the next post, I trust). Lots of bonus pictures of a teenage Stinkerbelle in those posts!


FYI, if you’re ever looking for the page with the list of all past and present fosters (which doesn’t include the ones I haven’t added to Love and Hisses yet), it’s here. There’s also a link in the sidebar that looks like this:

There does not exist yet a list of all the names used and/or a list of possible future naming themes, but rest assured that it’s on my lengthy list of stuff to do!


Sweet girl.

The belly before the spay operation (and the tongue sticking out, of course).

And the belly after!

Koko is doing well – she’s still feeling a little punky from the surgery, I think. After all, not only was she spayed, she also got her rabies vaccination and first set of her other vaccinations. Kittens would have been bouncing around like wild things by now, but for an older kitten, it takes more out of them. She’s been pretty quiet, but is happy to see us and get kisses.

I opened the door to the rest of the upstairs on Saturday, and she came out briefly to look around before she went back into the foster room, climbed into the wall condo and went back to sleep. Yesterday, she came out a bit more, and even made it to the bottom of the stairs briefly. She smacked at the door when Jake wandered by, which sent him into a tizzy. Hopefully she’ll be relaxed enough to hang out in Fred’s room the way all fosters eventually do.


Guess who Newt is holding personally responsible for the recent cold weather? Certainly not Mother Nature!


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