1-29-20 Wednesday

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Earl, up close, on a rainy day.

I love this picture so. (Nuthatch on the feeder, Tufted Titmouse headed for the feeder.)

The Nuthatch ran the Tufted Titmouse off and then claimed his sunflower seed.



This Robin showed up in the last week or so. Spring’s coming!

Cardinal on a rainy day.

The Hellebores (Lenten Roses) are blooming! (Not a sign of spring – they bloom starting in late December and early January here.)


We got a Ring doorbell for Christmas, and I insisted Fred install it immediately so I could see what wildlife comes through at night. I was surprised to find out that there’s not actually much action, but there’s some. I am fully aware that this is probably only interesting to me, but here you go (with description of what you’ll find, below.)

YouTube link

#1: Brown tabby, coming to check things out. NOT one of our cats, and it’s wearing a collar so clearly belongs to someone.
#2: Earl the Skwerl.
#3: Raccoon doing its best to reach the bird bath. (You’ll see a bowl of water in subsequent videos, and this is the entire reason why. Nothing goes thirsty when on OUR property!)
#4: Deer running by on the street.
#5: That brown tabby again.
#6: Herd of deer fleeing in terror. Why are they fleeing? Because Fred (who wakes at the ridiculous hour of like 3:30 am) was out for his morning walk, and was walking toward them.
#7: Possum checking things out.
#8: Video I shot with my phone, through the window. We put food out for the possums, and sometimes the raccoons come along to check it out. In this particular instance, we’d put the rest of a pumpkin pie (with whipped cream) out as a holiday treat.
#9: Petey the Possum eating chicken and rice casserole (we really didn’t like it because I used stuffing made from Hawaiian bread, and it was really gross. Petey liked it, though!)


Frankie was sitting in Fred’s lap the other night, and then Archie joined. Frankie was… not pleased. (This picture makes me laugh and laugh.)

Khal (on the floor), Jake (in front of the window) and Frankie (on the couch) have really been enjoying the foster room lately.

Khal ADORES that scratcher/track toy.


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