2-27-18 Tuesday

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Look who it is! Our favorite sisterly duo, Amber and Phoenix!

Phoenix and Amber with a teaser… And Phoenix growling quietly, letting everybody know it is hers!

I love how Amber is sitting at a respectful distance, all “Yes indeed, that IS yours!”


A couple of people asked for details on Fred’s level of excitement when he called down to me to let me know that he’d heard kittens in the crate Sunday morning. His tone was… bored. On a scale of 0 to 10, I’d say he was around a -1. Fred finds newborn kittens to be just about the most boring thing on the face of the planet because he is utterly insane. I’ve said this before, and I get the feeling you guys think I’m kidding. I’m not kidding one little bit – I might even be understating it. He doesn’t find them the slightest bit interesting until they’re around 6 weeks old, and he doesn’t think they get truly interesting until they’re around 10 weeks. I, on the other hand, raced up there just as fast as I could. I’m not sure my feet even hit the ground!

Check out the kitten in her armpit.

I’d like to report that Katia is relaxing and starting to trust me, but alas she is not. This is her reaction when I dare to get within a foot of the crate.

As far as reaching into the crate, well, that’s not going to happen. Katia’s got a serious whappy paw, and she’s not ashamed to use it.

Fred has, of course, gone in and tried to reason with and charm her, and he’s had no luck. I’d never say never when it comes to cats – she’s been through a LOT in the last week – but I am not imagining that she’s going to come around. She’s lived outside her entire life (we think she’s about 3 years old), has probably had little contact with humans, and this whole being-inside thing is so far beyond the scope of her experience that if I were her, I’d be wielding the whappy paw with great purpose, too.

I can report that she’s a wonderful mother – those kittens are energetic, squirmy, and vocal. They’re spotlessly clean and well cared for. Katia spends the daytime in the crate with the occasional trip out to the litter box or food bowl, and then spends her nights hanging out with her mother, sitting on top of the scratcher looking out the window, and checking on her kittens.

Now I just would like to request that Kristi go right ahead and have her kittens so that all the kittens can grow up together.

“Hmmm… nope. I see no reason to do that, lady.”

Little wanderer (this was actually the first time I saw any of the kittens away from her. Please note that she’s keeping a close eye on me. I was three feet from the mouth of the crate. Geez, Katia!)

Pile o’ cuties.


Frankie, hanging out near the catnip.

Frankie and Khal, looking up at the weird lady who’s calling from the window on the second floor.


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