1-3-18 Wednesday

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We got an update on former fosters Toby and Sooty (formerly Charming and Jareth) and their little brother Tiggy last week (in case you missed it), and you MUST see these great pictures of those dapper boys!


Sooty looks like he’s having A Think, doesn’t he?

Tiggy’s a little poser.

It has turned colllld in Alabama over the past several days.

Tiggy’s gonna stay warm like a smart boy. (This picture cracks me UP.)


ALSO, you can skedaddle right on over to Facebook and see the gorgeous Orlando (remember Orlando, from the Players litter, back in 2014?) There’s a video of that sweet boy giving his little sister a bath before the bath became too vigorous and bitey.

I wish Facebook had an embed option, but alas – go on over to Facebook to check it out.


Speaking of staying warm, we’re doing our best.

Jake on the Ikea doll bed, giving me attitude. (There’s a heated pad under him, of course.)

Maxi on the wash stand – there’s a heated pad under her, too. She also spends a good part of her day on the couch, where there is (can you guess?) a heated blanket. I check it regularly to make sure it doesn’t need to be turned back on.

Newt on the Aspen self-warming bed in Fred’s office. That bed is very popular, due not only to the warming feature but also because of the location.

Alice, rolling around on the table in the sun.


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