8-16-19 Friday

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please tell me I’m not the only one that calls him “on-ree”

You are definitely not the only one! (Though I also call him “Hank” because every foster must have 10,000 nicknames, and I pronounce it properly as “Onk” of course.)


Frankie is so adorable. How is his health?

He is doing great. He is still on Atopica (cyclosporine) twice a week, and it’s working well to keep him healthy and totally without mouth pain.


Margeaux is clearly a doll, but I admit I still adore Auntie Kat, Kat the cat, Katriane the kneady talkerkitty of super sweetness. Is she still a happy super chirper? And is she as purry as I suspect she is?

She is indeed still a talky chirper, especially when she’s walking around the house and spots a human. She purrs a lot when she’s kneading, but Margeaux is the one who purrs more often and more loudly.


Are Margeaux and Katriane friendly lap cats? They’re both so pretty (I’m a sucker for a tabby cat).

Katriane is actually a shoulder cat – if you’re sitting down, she’ll come sit in your lap to be petted, then flits off to race around and play. If you’re standing up, she’ll jump to your shoulder and sit there. Fred walked by the cat tree in my room the other day, and she jumped onto his back like – as he said – a back pack, and somehow managed to stick the landing without using her claws at all. She’s sweet and chatty and always wants to know what’s going on. Margeaux will stand or sit next to you forever and ever as long as you pet her. I’ve never once had her walk away from being petted. They’re both total sweethearts, just different personality-wise.


Where did you get those kitten litter-box steps? They look like exercise steps but seem too narrow in the photograph. I love checking out the cat-things you have in your room, almost as much as I love checking out the kittens.

They’re called spice rack steps, I got them (the green ones, anyway) at Amazon in a two-pack. They work perfectly for the kittens, who figure them out pretty quickly. I especially love that they have no-skid coating on the “steps.” I also have a set of wooden steps that Winnie gave me a few years ago, which I love (and were the first set of steps I had.)


I really need to know if the kittens are as soft in real life as they appear to be in their photos. Like, really need to know.

They are absolutely as soft and silky as they look… especially their bellies!


Is there an update on Kristi and Katia? Did I see them in a picture from Petco? Or was I hallucinating?

You must have been hallucinating – they’re not at Petsmart, they’re still at Michelle’s house. (I don’t see Katia ever going to Petsmart – Kristi might handle it okay, as she’s turned into a lap cat, but Katia wouldn’t do well at all.)


PSA: Today is National Check the Chip Day. Please make sure your contact information is up to date.

Thanks for the PSA! It’s so important to keep that info up to date, even if you’re 100% sure your cat or dog could never ever get outside.


“Auntie Kat! Auntie Kat! Play with meeee!”

I believe what we’re looking at here is Beauregard, laundry assistant in the making.

I love this shot of Katriane so very much.

Beauregard the lap kitten.

Fleur the lap kitten.

I’m pretty sure Josephine is complaining about all the litter on the floor. Give the girl a broom!

Luc shows off his climbing skills.

Oh dear. This gang of ruffians is about to tell me how it IS.

Henri would like y’all to admire his arm pit, and also in case you were curious whether these kittens have teeth, the answer is a definite yes.

Fleur at the milk bar.

“Tired of you, lady. I’ma slap that camera right out of your hands if you don’t watch it.” (Gabrielle)

“You is so dead, lady. SO. DEAD.” If I go missing, y’all look into Luc’s whereabouts, please.

Oh, that Margeaux. She’s always watching me waiting for me to sit down and pet her (or get up and give her her favorite treats.)

We’ve started letting both Katriane and Margeaux roam around the house when they want to, which at this point means a little while in the morning and an hour or so in the evening. They’re no problem at all, and the permanent residents basically look at them and roll their eyes. Margeaux got a little too close to Alice the other night, and Alice (who is usually prone to running away from other cats) gave her a smack upside the head. Margeaux, who was at animal control after being rescued from a hoarding situation, appears to be very used to having a lot of other cats around. Katriane – we don’t actually know where she came from, but might have come from the same house for all we know, and yes it’s possible that she and Margeaux are related; who knows? – gets a little nervous if there are more than a couple of permanent residents hanging out. As far as I’m concerned they’re welcome to roam the house as much as they want, but they both like to go back to the foster room after half an hour or so. Once the kittens are a bit bigger – maybe another week or so – we’ll block off the doorway at the top of the stairs and let them all have the run of the upstairs during the day.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) is pretty sure she’s going to need to write me a ticket for Excessive Kittening.


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8-16-19 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. I forgot Frankie was on Atopica! Jinx is on it (twice a day) for his over-grooming related to environmental allergies. It’s working, but poor baby hates the oral syringe. Have you tried the chews? I found a compounding veterinary pharmacy “up north” that makes them, but I haven’t ordered any yet.

  2. I’m curious what type of payment the Sheriff requires for all the tickets she issues? Is it snax? Or pettins? Inquiring minds need to know!

  3. Speaking of Sheriff Mama, I just absolutely LOVE the August picture on the Permanent Residents calendar of her heading your way because she caught you doing something you shouldn’t’ve been doing!!!

    • I also think Margeaux is a little more brown, while Katriane is more gray? I could be wrong about that though.

  4. I pronounce it “onk” – you are so lucky I wasn’t drinking when I read that….

    and I wonder if Amazon knows how much time foster people spend wandering their site looking for things to use that were never intended for that purpose 🙂

  5. Just to continue to let y’all know how much fun it is to keep up with your “ kittening”….can make our day! Thank you….

  6. Either Beauregard is a really teeny, tiny, miniscule kit or that’s a reallllly big laundry basket.