6/6/10 – Kitty in NC still looking for a home… And hope for Hope.

Someone asked in my comments yesterday if the cat in NC with the eye problem had found a home yet. I emailed Melissa, and she said that so far, she’s still without a home for the sweet girl. Here’s the rest of the update and another picture.

This baby still needs a home!

The infection is gone and we are now raising money have her eye removed. The doctor is suggesting that it be taken out since can no longer see out of that eye.

She is very close with her Foster Mom, but she needs a forever home soon. She needs someone that will take the time to get to know her. She is uneasy around new people, but that is because she is getting used to no sight in the left eye.

Once she gets to know you, she loves on you, lays on your chest and touches your face with her paws.

She loves to play and is amazing at night! She is not a “crazy” night time kitty! She is very calm and wants to sleep in between your legs or on your chest!

She is in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. I would be willing to make a road trip if anyone wants her!

Melissa can be reached at menglish@comporium.net

Please pass the word!




Meet Hope. There’s so much to sweet Hope’s story that I could never summarize it in a few sentences, so I’m going to just link to her Facebook page and encourage you to go read about this sweet girl yourself.




And if you weren’t by here yesterday, I posted about a feral colony of bobtail cats in Grant, AL – SNAP has someone willing to transport them to the vet for spaying and neutering, but SNAP is very low on funds right now and needs help.

Also, there are three cats here in North Alabama whose owner died and are desperately in need of a home. They’re scaredy-cats and will take some time, love, and lots of attention – go read about them here.


6/6/10 – Kitty in NC still looking for a home… And hope for Hope. — 2 Comments

  1. I really would adopt Kitty in NC if she’d be shipped over the ocean to me! 🙁 Poor kitty. I hope she finds a forever home soon!

    I can’t seem to link to Hope’s facebook page – but I shall try to later again – maybe it’s because I’m at work!

    I also have everything crossed for the other kitties in need of homes and funds featured here. Take care

  2. These stories just break my heart. I wish I could take them all. I guess all I can do is thank you immensely for spreading the word, and hope that there are plenty of kitty loving people who are able to give them permanent loving homes!

    Keep up the good work!!