6/5/10 – Sweet, shy, scared cats need a home.

(I just posted another entry about a family of feral bobtail cats – scroll down to see that.)

Cats in need of placement…

Background…Robin died unexpectedly April 26 and left 5 cats and a dog.
We have 3 of the 5 cats left; the two “people friendly” cats are adopted.

These 3 are the shy, not-particularly-people-friendly cats.
They each will need a lot of patience and someone willing to take the time to let them adjust.
If someone isn’t a real “cat person”, they will bite out of fear.


Joey is 7, neutered, domestic long hair, orange tabby.

Sammy is 6, neutered, domestic short hair, orange tabby

Simon is 4, neutered, dsh, tabby (beautiful!! green eyes!)

They all are not current on shots.
They just had their rabies vaccinations, and Forgotten Felines will try to
help with testing and their other vaccinations.
They are completely inside cats but not declawed.
They never go outside and need to go to a home where they’ll be kept in.

From what I know, they are not very playful(?), not tolerant of kids or dogs(?), but I don’t know.
They always hide when anyone comes in the house.

I think if they are separated and someone with a lot of patience will take the time to confine the cat to a room and go in and sit quietly for a while, the cats will eventually get used to the new owner and become more “friendly”.

We are out of options.
Robin’s sister, as soon as she gets legal power of attorney, she will let the house foreclose and the cats have to go somewhere, probably animal services.

You can see more about each of these cats at Petfinder – Joey is here, Sammy is here, and Simon is here.

Pass the word!


6/5/10 – Sweet, shy, scared cats need a home. — 11 Comments

  1. Robyn
    Have you heard anything about the sweet cat in NC with the bad eye? I have not seen anymore anout it. I hope someone can find it in their heart to take it in.

  2. Those 3 boys are all so handsome! I hope they find homes.

    This makes me realize that I don’t have anything in place for care of my cats if I pass away. I am young, but there’s always the unexpected.

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  8. This story makes us so very sad. We will look at their petfinder listings. We are praying that they will find homes.
    –JB and all of my family