6/5/10 – Feral colony of bobtails – SNAP needs help!

There’s a family of feral bobtails in Grant, Alabama. SNAP has someone willing to trap and transport them to the vet for spaying and neutering, but they’re very low on funds. Please see the below information, and help if you can!

I haven’t done this in a while and I hate to do it now but bob tails hold a special place in my heart. They do not need to breed because the more they breed the worse their defect can become until they are left unable to use their back legs and / or control their bladder and bowel movements. There is a family consisting of the mom, five kittens, and another stray that need help. They are located in the Grant, Alabama area and I have someone willing to trap and transport them to the Grant vet. They are feral and we will also be looking for a place for them to eventually be relocated to as the person who owns the land is selling it and I can’t say the new people will feed them like the current person is.

Unfortunately SNAP is low on funds and cannot take this on right now so I need to ask for donations to get this done. I have averaged it out to be between $85 to $90 per cat to get fixed and get it’s shot. This is allowing for one or two needing extra vet work but praying they all don’t. I do not know how many are girls and how many are boys but I think at least four are girls by their coloring. This will be around $600 total to do all seven cats. I can only do them as I get the funds for them so if you can help please send it to me or give it to the vet directly specifying that it is for the “Grant Bobtails” that SNAP is doing. Make the donation to SNAP earmarking it Grant Bobtails so that I can send you a receipt for tax purposes. If you give directly to the vet please let me know via email or phone so that I can send you the receipt and so that I will know when we can take one in. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

My address is: Kim Kindler
1110 Woodall CIr. NW
Huntsville, AL 35816

my phone number is: 256-652-0261.

The Grant vet phone number is 256-728-7387

and their address is Grant Animal Clinic 4657 Main Avenue, Grant, AL 35747

You can also donate via Paypal to SNAP here. Make sure you specify that your donation is for the Grant Bobtails!

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