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No babies yet, but I swear I can just sit and watch her get wider.


“Your punishment: 300 belly rubs. You may begin now.”


She cracks me up, that face.

Molly spends a lot of time walking around looking at the cats – who are almost always up high – and trying to figure out how she can get up there, too. She’s especially fascinated by the cats on top of the kitchen cabinets. She’s like “You can DO that?!” But with her short little doggy legs, getting up there isn’t a possibility (at least, I don’t think it is!)

“Is that a challenge?”

She and Tommy sniffed each other quite vigorously yesterday. Tommy seems to go back and forth between “This dog isn’t so scary” and this:

Note to Tommy: it’s impossible to look scary in a blue cape.

I love that both Newt (by the door) and Spanky (atop the Room with a View) are clearly thinking “What the [very bad word]?!”


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3-12-13 — 31 Comments

  1. Newt and Spanky are clearly thinking, “That’s the weirdest looking cat she’s brought home yet!”

    Kisses to Spanky and Tommy (who, incidentally, resembles a court jester this morning with his “ruff”)

  2. Oh my, Kate. Such a terrible punishment. 🙂 You imperious little brat. 😉

    Whole lot of what the fluff going on there in those pictures. Haha.

  3. Mama Kate, I would love, love, love to give you belly rubs. Bake those babies to perfection!

  4. Has Molly met Gracie and George? I bet she would have fun on dirt mountain, too!

    It was a year ago yesterday that Tabitha had her 4 kittens. I sent birthday greetings to all of Sabrina’s siblings along with pictures taken their first day. But I’ll be happy to just enjoy Kate’s babies this time and not follow you with my own litter! 😉

  5. I think the phrase you are looking for is “fresh hell” as in, “What fresh hell is this?”. It’s Shakespeare, dontcha know.

  6. I hate the waiting game!!! Give up those babies Kate!! I’m excited to see what those kittens look like. She’s got that beautiful long hair… You might have some fluff balls on your hands!

    • Actually I think Robyn should invite some of us up (…ok…well, me) to help with all the baby cuddling that will be needed….

  7. 300 belly rubs! How do you count them? Each stroke? Every minute is one rub? Every session? Goodness, you’ll be there 24 hours a day rubbing that belly! Good thing it’s getting bigger, you can spread out the rubin’!
    Bet the doggie is trying to figure out how those kitties get around without ever touching the floor!
    Tommy, bravest cat in a blue cape, ever!

    • I just keep rubbing the belly until she rolls over and goes to the food bowl, whereupon I decide that I’ve been dismissed!

  8. So I viewed this post this morning.. and now I’m back viewing it again.. don’t know what I expected.. it isn’t like she’s sitting on the page waiting to give birth, it is just a picture, it isn’t going to change..

    (has the ear worm of Bill Cosby doing his birthing bit.. Push ’em out, Shove ’em out.. WAAAAAY out!)

    • I remember that skit! Didn’t he want her to swallow a red ball, too, so he would have something to play with?! 🙂

  9. On a totally difft topic, i was watching a doco here in Oz the other day and the were talking about how a penguin population on some little island was threatened by marauding foxes and they took in two dogs to help keep them safe and i thought they had dog-napped George & Gracie! G&G aren’t Maremma’s, are they? That’s what these other two dogs are. They helped the penguin population go from 80 (i think) to now 150! The penguins are so cute. Have you seen the ones on youtube that get tickled and laugh, oh my goodness, they are so cute! And like G&G, these doggies keep planes away, too. Not a one has ever landed there. 🙂