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Last week, I stopped at Petco to pick up some cat food. While I was there, I saw a FroliCat Flik, and a FroliCat Pounce. I debated on which one to buy, and then bought them both. When it comes to new stuff for the cats, I am ALL IN, ALWAYS. Which I am sure you can tell by the one or two cat toys and beds scattered around this house.

(Half the reason I send a bag of toys to Petsmart to go home with fosters is because otherwise this house would be three feet deep in cat toys. TRUE STORY.)

When I got home, I put batteries in both toys, and started up the Pounce in the kitchen. Jake, Alice and Stefan were all hanging around the kitchen giving me the eyes of weren’t you about to give me a snack?, and none of them so much as glanced at the Pounce, no matter what setting it was on.

Then I put the Flik on the floor and turned it on, and they got all crazy-eyed and gathered around it. All it does, basically, is flick a string out of an opening, sit there for a moment, and then pull it back into the toy, then repeats. I’m doing a bad job of describing it, but the picture at Amazon does a pretty good job of giving you some idea of what it does.

I bought the toys last Wednesday, and the Flik has been a big hit with Corbie, Jake, Alice, and Stefan. And it’s worked well, until last night when Stefan was watching it do its thing, and somehow the string got stuck inside the toy. I wasn’t able to get it out, so I’ll be taking it back to the store. I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to exchange it or just return it. I’ll make the decision then (knowing me I’ll return it, decide to look around, and buy something else.)

I took the Pounce upstairs to the Players (this is before Ferdinand, Maria, and Orlando went to Petsmart), and remembered to get pictures – AND video!

Five of the six immediately came to see what was going on. Even Dennis, see him back there being walked over by Mariette?

Angelo was napping in the pagoda in the hallway, and was all “Yeah, I’ll get there eventually. ::yawn::”

All six!

Then Dennis decided that it made him nervous, so he vamoosed.

Then Mariette got all “But WHY does the mouse keep running around the track? Does it hate us?”

Maria kept her paw high, waiting for the mouse to come back so she could pop it a good one.

And Orlando tried to gently poke at it.

Dennis said “Hmph.”

Maria said “I’M GONNA POP IT.”


Dennis retreated to a safe spot.

Angelo and Orlando continued trying to figure out the toy.

Then Orlando just flopped down and watched, while Maria smacked at the mouse some more.

Angelo stretched out and went back to sleep.

And here’s the video. Note that Dennis starts out with the gang and then disappears. Big baby!

YouTube link.

PS: After I’d bought both toys and was on the way home, something in the very back of my brain sent forth a message saying “Didn’t Connie have a somewhat recent post about the Pounce?” And indeed she did!


I should have mentioned in yesterday’s post two things about the Challenger’s House shelter cats:

1. Yes, all of these cats are available for adoption. Sometimes, for no discernible reason, cats just don’t get adopted. Sometimes they’re adopted and returned. There isn’t always room for them at Petsmart, so they go to the shelter. The cat rooms have room for them to play, plenty of places to curl up and sleep, and the big cat room (where the most cats are) has an attached screened-in porch where the cats can sit and enjoy the weather and watch birds.

2. Sungold and Mr. Stripey were, indeed, my fosters. They were from the ‘Maters litter, Brandywine was their mother. They were adopted out in January 2013 and things seemed to be going well in their new home. But as they got older, they kind of teamed up and bullied the elderly cats in the house, and were returned in November. They’re pretty happy where they are, but I’m sure someone will come along and fall in love with their goofy selves. I saw Sungold try to get all “I AM BOSS HERE” with one of the other cats in the cat room, and the other cat just bopped him on the head, and Sungold went along his way. I think that if they (together or separately) went to homes with cats who are able to stand up to them, the bullying wouldn’t be so much of an issue.

PS: I still adore this picture of Sungold:

Now on to more Challenger’s House cats!

Mr. Stripey says “GIVE me that camera!” He was sitting on top of the ladder on the screened-in porch watching me take pictures.

Sungold nurses on his abdomen. Sometimes Mr. Stripey joins in. Silly boys.

I’m not sure who this is. Possibly Ringer?

I’m not sure who this is, but I do know she followed me around and gave me the MOST serious stinkeye (in the cutest way possible.) (Edited to add that this is Mollie. Thanks, Lisa!)

Shelf unit on the screened-in porch.

I think this is Giles.

I’m pretty sure this is Tuffy. SO sweet.

I do not know who this gorgeous creature is.

Nevaeh. Sweet girl, and isn’t she gorgeous?

More shelter cats tomorrow!


(That’s Sugarbutt, standing there looking grouchy. If you squint, you can see Corbie in the middle house, and Kara in the house on the right.) Ugh. Ugly, gray, dismal winter. And then suddenly…

Hello, spring! Sugarbutt loves his daffodils. Thank you, Mother Nature!

Interesting Sugarbutt fact: he’s got dewclaws on his back feet. Judging by what Google tells me, that means he’s polydactyl, even though he’s got the normal number of claws on his front feet. Neat, huh? (And we are careful to keep his dewclaws trimmed, since they don’t retract like his other claws. We don’t want them to get caught on something and torn off!)


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