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Stompers update!!!!

He’s doing fantastic. Healthy as can be and he’s gotten so big. I only have an iPad to take pictures with so I don’t have anything very high quality. But I’ve attached a few anyway. He’s honestly one of the most loving cats I’ve ever known. He spends most of his time curled up next to someone and he isn’t overly picky about who. He absolutely gets that kisses are affection so he likes to nibble on lips and headbutt lips, which is ridiculously cute. He’s also all boy. I’ve never had a cat who likes to roughhouse as much as he does, purring the entire time. And as soon as he’s tired he’ll flop into your lap demanding snuggling. His other heart-meltingly cute thing is that he likes to pet us. If I’m snuggled up to him, he’ll stroke my face very softly. Its impossible to not fall in love with him when he does that. Such a sweet, sweet boy. He’s even reached a truce with his sister. I wouldn’t call them friends yet, but they can hang out in the same room pretty close to each other without anyone getting upset and they’ll play a lot. All in all, he’s an absolute joy!

Awwww, Stompies! I love how he’s still got that same face and those huge Precious Moments eyes.

Thank you again for the update, Kristyn! 🙂

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Edited to add: I volunteer a rescue group, so normally I’m one of the gals cleaning up the cages and playing with the cats at Petco adoption centers. I’m looking for a little bit of advice regarding cats transitioning from the foster home to a cage in the store.

This past weekend, I ended up rescuing two kittens from a parking lot. We had them for a few days at a foster home, but due to space constraints, we got them into the cages pretty quickly – they are healthy but a little scared right now. How long does it take for a pair of siblings to get used to the cages and other cats? I’m worried I’ve traumatized them for life or maybe made a mistake by getting them into the cages so quickly, but we had no foster room and the local animal shelter has a 5 to 7 day period between arrival and euthanasia (yikes, I know). They are very quiet and watching everyone (normally they are pretty high octane), but they are eating and drinking. One person described it as “very reserved.” I just worry over what they must be thinking, transitioning from wherever they were to a parking lot, then to my boyfriend’s apartment, then to a foster place for a few days, and then the cages. It’s been a whirlwind, but even though I keep telling myself they are now safe and sound — far better off than in a parking lot — I can’t help but worry over what’s going on in those fuzzy heads. Is there anything else I can do for them? (They have been vetted, and they are healthy, minus clearly not getting enough food in recent days.)

I really appreciate what you do, and you’ve been an inspiration for me to get involved in cat rescue. Any advice anyone has here would be welcome.

It depends on the kitten – some kittens are perfectly at home when you put them in the cage, and others are really freaked out – but for the most part I’d say that it takes about a week for them to adjust (of course, in a perfect world they wouldn’t be there that long!) If they’d been in a foster home for a while, I’d say bring some toys or a bed from the foster home for them, but that doesn’t really apply here. I know they get love and attention from whoever’s cleaning their cage each day, but if you could pop in and give them a little extra attention during the day, I think that would help. Kittens are pretty resilient, though – you have NOT traumatized them for life or made a mistake. The sooner they can get into their forever home(s), the better, and being “on display” helps to make that happen.

Y’all have any suggestions to add?

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When I played the Snackin’ Time video, Holly came running. Apparently that song is universal among cats?

All cats know about Snackin’ Time! They’re born knowing it, I think.

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BwaaaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!! Paragraph #2 of the 2005 edition when speaking about a baby Sugarbutt, and I quote: “And no, we’re still not keeping him”. Every time you use those words, I start to think there’s another permanent resident on the horizon 😉

Oh, Fred was SO MEAN to me about Sugarbutt. When I brought Sugarbutt home again, he said “He’s just staying ’til he’s better, right? We’re not keeping him!” And then he’d occasionally say “We’re not keeping him!” Then I found out, when I was all sat and teary-eyed about taking Sugarbutt to Petsmart, that Fred was messing with me all along and he had no intention of making me give Sugarbutt up. SO MEAN.

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I have a litter of five kittens who are smaller than the Weeds and the Pickles and they generally won’t be found in the same bed. Admit it… Fred stuffed them all in there and you managed to take a bajillion pictures before any of them objected. 😉

I admit NOTHING. Oh, all RIGHT, you got me. Six of the eight were in that bed, and Fred picked up the other two (I think Dandelion and Percy) and put them in the bed so I could take pictures. I was surprised that they didn’t jump right back out, though.

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Wait, who’s Ellie Bellz? Is that a new permanent resident?

Ellie Bellz is one of Elwood’s nicknames. He used to be “Ellie Belly”, and of course we had to shorten it!

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I have something for your next question and answer post. I’ve seen you post about cleaning litter boxes and vacuuming the floors, but how do you deal with the cat hair everywhere else? I have 5 indoor cats and sometimes the cat hair on the furniture, clothing, and everything else gets a bit overwhelming. Do you have any tricks or gadgets to recommend?

I’m hoping that others will chime in here too, because I love to hear what’s worked for other people when it comes to this! For the most part, just about anything that attracts and traps cat hair in this house can be tossed in the washer. We’ve got (washable) slipcovers on the couches, the bedspreads are all washable, and I don’t know if I just don’t notice it, but our clothes don’t seem to get much cat hair on them. I go through the house with Swiffer Dusters at least once a week and dust all the furniture.

(Okay, confession: I worded that sentence as though there’s ever been a week in my entire life where I’ve dusted more than once. I have not. Once a week is the maximum, and I’ve lately gotten into a routine where I dust the house every Tuesday. Sometimes I do it quickly, with Swiffer dusters, and sometimes I do it right with microfiber cleaning cloths and furniture polish and move everything to dust underneath it.)

I like these Pledge Fabric Sweepers for quick cleanup on the couches and bedspreads, and I use sticky roller sheets if I need to get cat hair off my clothes (not necessarily that brand of sticky roller sheets; I am not brand-loyal when it comes to those.)

It helps to brush the cats regularly – I like the Furminator for that – but I’ve gotta be honest that I don’t do that as often as I should, because the only cat who likes being brushed is Sugarbutt. The rest of them act like I’m beating them if I walk toward them with the brush.

Okay, now you guys – got a favorite method of reducing cat hair in the house (other than “Get rid of the cats!”)? Share!

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As per our conversation on DCEP I made this meme with Jake…

That made me literally laugh out loud! Oh, Grumpy Jake. Raisins in cookies are the WORST!

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I’m leaving here in a bit to get the Weeds girls from their overnight stay at the spay/ neuter clinic. I suspect that they’ll be super happy to get home. We definitely noticed their absence around here yesterday.

Smug Percy is smug.

Dandelion says “Why, yes, THIS is the perfect place to lay. It’s quite comfy.”

Time for a nap.

Percy says “Le gasp… cannot… breathe…”
Dandelion says “What? I’m RELAXING. Go away.”
Thistle says “WHAT is going on over here?”

Percy says “Wha’ happened?”
Thistle says “We is having a snuggle.”
Dandelion says “Hmph.”

Magoo on the left, Thistle on the right, and Purslane in the back of the bed. In the background, Dandelion.

Sleepy girl.

She is so smushable. She’s got really thick, lush fur and it’s hard to stop petting her. Luckily, she puts up with a lot of petting, even though she’d really rather be licking your hand.

Sweet Purslane.

Smilin’ Petey.

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It’s Gawjuss Corbie time!

Deep in thought on the patio in the back yard.

He’s a deep thinker, our Corbie.

(Confession: Sometimes I call him Corbanzo Bean.)(Also Corbielicious.)(PS: Core B. Licious would be an excellent rapper name.)


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