5-28-10 – The Rescuees & the Bookworms.

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Gavin’s a wee complainer, and I remembered to bring the camera into the kitten room with me and get his complaints on tape (Garrity jumped in there to share HIS complaints, too, since I was documenting complaints). Gavin’s husky little howl just cracks me up.

YouTube link

Please ignore the fact that that door behind the kittens desperately needs to be stripped and repainted. I’ll get to it some day. Maybe. If that room is ever empty, which I hope it never is!

Franco and Garrity, hanging out on the cat tree.

It appears there’s something interesting going on over THERE. I couldn’t convince him to look at me.

“Who, me? What?”

Sheila, mid head-shake.

Gigglin’ Garrity.

Sheila likes to let the boys know just who the boss is ’round these parts.

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Here’s a purring kitten video for you – Rhyme spends the majority of his life purring so loudly you can hear him from three rooms away. So, for that matter, does Reacher.

YouTube link

(These videos would be so much better if I just kept my mouth shut, I swear.)

Corbett, snoozing.

Bolitar and Reacher. I love it when they stretch out on their backs and sleep like that.


Yesterday, I couldn’t find Corbett anywhere. Since we’ve been having an issue with him going outside, I worried that he’d gotten into the back yard, climbed the fence, and was headed toward the very busy road. I didn’t see him anywhere outside, and I called and called for him. As it turned out, he’d climbed behind my monitor, stretched out, and gone to sleep.

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